12 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Budget

12 wardrobe essentials for every budget

Edie Jean was born at the beginning of November before the holidays, which meant a lot of outings and gatherings and I found myself dealing with a closet of clothes that weren’t fitting. It will still be at least a few months before I fit into some of my old clothes so part of me doesn’t want to invest in new pieces, but I still want to look and feel my best especially during a time of a lot of emotion and adjustment. I made a list of essentials items I needed and collected as many as I could without breaking the bank.

Here’s my list of 12 essential items for your wardrobe, for every budget…

1. Booties: splurge $130 (with current discount)/deal $33/steal $27
2. Trench coat: splurge $298/deal $49.95
3. White v-neck tee: splurge $29.50/deal $16
4. Chambray button up: splurge $69.50/deal $34.50
5. Distressed medium wash skinny jeans: splurge $231/steal $29/my DIY
6. Black skinny jeans: splurge $69.90/deal $39/steal $29
7. Silky blouse (in a pattern or a solid color. I’m a fan of black right now): splurge $74/steal $19.90
8. Black comfy flats: splurge $69/deal $30.11/steal $19.99
9. Navy and white striped top: splurge $108/steal $14.90
10. Cable knit sweater: splurge $81.69/steal $25.90
11. Tunic dress: splurge $57.94/steal $24.95
12. Statement necklace: splurge $78/deal $22.78/ my DIY

What items are in your essential wardrobe?


I love these posts as I am a terrible dresser and can use any help I can get -particularly visually appealing help.

Great post!

Looooooooving these post-pregnancy posts – so excited because it feels like such a long period and yet it gets little-to-no attention usually. Thanks. This is my third pregnancy (4th baby!) but I find it still feels new each time 😉 especially wardrobe planning! Would love to see some examples of these basics mixed and matched for maximum variation, if you have time 😉

Thank you! I also had a baby in November and can’t quite figure out what to wear…also, thanks for saying that it’ll be a few more months until your old clothes fit, I really needed to hear that today.

Oh totally. At least! My body always carries an extra 10-15 lbs until I stop nursing no matter how active and healthy I am post baby!

I bought a pair of leather booties for about $30 last week so I have almost all of these things! Though I’m a knitter, it’s been a struggle finding the perfect cabled sweater that flatters me. Thanks for the great post!

Yeah, I think with the cableknit you just have to embrace the fact that it’s bulky, it’s not going to be super flattering but with some skinny jeans it’s a good balance i think

Thanks for this! Very helpful for someone like myself who is clueless in the fashion department. I also just had a baby last year so I am in need of a wardrobe refresh yet need functional simple items. These all fit the bill. Thanks!

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