10 Fab Finds Under $40



Have you heard of the new Joe Fresh line for JCPenney? I first visited a Joe Fresh store in NYC a couple years ago and was kind of blown away by their style and prices so I’m happy to see this collaboration. Both the dresses in this post are from the line, lots of other great stuff to check out right here. I pinned a few favorites onto our Fab Finds under $40 pinterest page as well. Happy shopping!

1.Stripe dress $29
2. Grey pullover $29.99
3. Peach clutch $28.23
4. Market tote $37.64
5. Black wedge sandals $27.99
6. Levis jeans $19.90
7. Lilac vintage sweatshirt $39.99
8. Contrast tunic dress $39
9. Cobalt flats $12
10. Chambray polka dot shirt $32

In collaboration with fashion editor, Ashley


Joe’s is AMAZING. I still have a pair of shorts I bought from there about four years ago. Pretty sure they started out with Superstore in Canada and have steadily grown bigger. Once I get back home, it’s definitely one of the first places I’ll be hitting up!

Also want to say how great these posts are every week! I have to continually remind myself that, no, I can’t buy everything on the list. But your picks are spot on for what I love to wear and there’s so much great stuff. Keep it up!

We’ve had Joe in Canada for years now — in our grocery stores. Love their stuff 🙂

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