Serena and Lily Picks

This post is sponsored by Serena and Lily.Check out their gorgeous new spring line right here.

serena and lily spring line 2014

Sometimes in the dead of winter I have the sudden urge to redecorate, attempting to and breath some new life into the season. I’m in the middle of one such mood right now, so my mind is on decorating and home decor projects (our living room is getting a makeover and I’m so excited about it!). I’m a big fan of the style and quality of the home decor pieces at Serena and Lily. Our bedding  is from there and we absolutely love it. The pickstich blanket is our favorite, it’s the perfect weight and the white stitching is just stunning (do you remember the bedroom tour I did a few months ago?).

Here are a few favorite picks from their selection, featuring some items from their brand new spring line that just came out last week. Don’t you love that studio lamp and hooded bath towel? We just got this rope rug for the living room and it’s so soft and comfy. So many beautiful new pieces for spring, do you have a favorite?

1. Pickstitch throw blanket
2. Black tucker chair
3. Elephant bookends
4. Fouta Bath Towels
5. Mounted Zebra
6. Beacham bookshelf
7. Rattan hanging chair
8. Dip dyed stools
9. Jenny Prinn painting
10. Coral bath rug
11. Hooded bath towel
12. Rope rug
13. Studio task lamp
14. Black feather rug
15. Lark shelf


These are some very nice picks! I just bought on of Serena & Lily’s Senegalese baskets to store blankets in the living room. Love it! And my kids like wearing the top as a hat around the house ;).

I always love your recommendations and links! In the future – could you make your links open in a new window? 🙂

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