Rock Climbing Post-Baby


Alternate title: And these buns, they don’t feel nothing like steel

Before Edie, I was doing a lot of rock climbing at our local gym. I started getting into it when we were in the middle of fertility treatments, craving a new way to challenge myself physically and looking for something fun and active that Jared and I could do together. It’s intense, but relatively quick (I’m an impatient person- long distance running and I do not get along very well). I found it a mental workout just as much as a physical one, requiring 100% of your attention and focus as opposed to the mindless elliptical machine. For that reason specifically it ended up being a fantastic stress reliever and I craved it. It’s impossible to think of anything else when you’re climbing beyond the not-so-simple problem of where am I going to put my hand next and where am I going to put my hand after that.rockclimbing

Oh, it’s been painful though to start again! I feel like my muscles aren’t quite remembering what to do, and even when they can remember they can’t quite keep up while my mind is racing. Three weeks ago I got the green light from my doctor to start exercising again after Edie’s birth. It was right before Christmas and like a lot of us I was feeling a little disgusted by my holiday eating habits so I threw on my running shoes and headed out. I didn’t really know what to expect, or how far my legs would take me but I knew this was going to be a long uphill battle in getting back in shape and I had to start somewhere. And sure enough, moments later I was bent over panting in the rose garden (just a couple minutes from home), wondering how on earth my feet could be hurting more than my legs or abs. They had forgotten how to move, turns out. Oh, I have a long road ahead of me!rockclimbing5

One thing that helped me get excited about getting in shape again was getting new workout clothes for Christmas. Until recently, I’ve never owned decent workout gear beyond cheap leggings and an old t-shirt,  but now I’ve found that it makes a big difference. Some of my favorites from the Old Navy Active Line are these compression leggings and the graphic tank. I like that the tank is over-sized and doesn’t cling too much.

Featuring items from Old Navy: Compression leggings, sports bra, graphic tank.

Also, striped east coast hoodie from Albion Fit

More about climbing as a family after the jump…

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Henry and Jared love to rock climb as well. When we go all together to the climbing gym we bring an iPad, plenty of snacks, and try to pick a time that it won’t be busy (like the morning, the evenings are a scene there). With Edie we like to have one extra adult so the person belaying doesn’t have to belay and watch a baby. Like anything active with Henry, we try to make it fun and not force him to do anything if he seems disinterested or frustrated. If it ever becomes less than fun, we try a little bribery, and if that doesn’t work we bail. We talk about it a lot afterwards and get on youtube at home to try to peak his interest again in the sport. rockclimbing4

I’m excited because once Edie is a little older and able to sit up and play, I could bring her along with a portable crib while Henry’s in school. It sounds a little crazy, but people do it there all the time when it’s empty and quiet and I think it might just work!

Although I’m not very good, I enjoy it probably more than I’ve enjoyed any other exercise routine I’ve done.  For a while I was so into it that when we got a babysitter I’d rather go to the climbing gym than to a movie or out to dinner. I know, kind of nuts! But fun to find something that’s good for you and also so enjoyable (unlike oh- spinach, for example). Have you found an exercise you truly enjoy doing like that?


About how I feel right now, getting back into shape post-baby. I love that tank, and I love the idea of rock climbing for exercise! I may have to go soon.

I had no idea that you were into rock climbing! I LOVE rock climbing. My husband and I drop our kids off at my parents house and try to go everyone other weekend or so…when we are not sick…from our kids getting sick! We just started taking our 4 year old climbing. BTW – I like your climbing harness. It’s a Petzel, right? I almost got the same one, but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to save money and get a Mammut. Do you do any outdoor climbing? We living in New Mexico, and there are TONS of places out here to climb. Sorry. Waaaay to much to talk about when it comes to rock climbing. I LOVE climbing. 🙂

I totally agree about what a difference it makes to have great workout wear. I invested over the holidays in a bunch of bright, colorful new sports bras, the Old Navy bubble tank in a few fun colors and some other tops. I wanted to pull myself out of wearing all black or oversized, dark colored tee shirts. It’s been so fun to pull workout outfits together & have cute things to mix & match! Having something stylish to wear to the gym has made such a huge difference in how I feel about myself when I am working out. The point of working out is to look pretty and feel healthy, so making the effort to look pretty while you are working out seems to totally feed all that good energy we’re trying to create by working out in the first place.

I also found rock climbing a few months ago, and I love it. I do bouldering (so no harness/ropes or extra gear), and I also love how it’s a mental and physical puzzle that uses your whole body. I really enjoy how the people at the gym are really friendly and help each other out with pointers but aren’t overbearing. Fun to see others who are interested too!

I’ve found the same thing, people are so friendly and down to earth. Sometimes I just show up and find someone to climb when there!

I love this. My husband and I did a lot of rock climbing (outside) before we had kids and it is still a strong passion of his. He takes our oldest two boys to the climbing gym occasionally and I would love to join them someday (our 5-month old is keeping me home these days). Some day hopefully we can go to the gym as a family and even have some outdoor climbing adventures. I also totally understand your description of how everything else just fades away when climbing. I think the mental aspect is a huge draw – really being forced to be in the moment.

My husband and I love rock climbing! (he’s a little more intense than I am) – but we just got back into it last week after taking a little break when we moved to Cincinnati this summer. I’m just like you in that I get bored on a treadmill but trying to figure out a problem works as a mental distraction from the exercise. we’re trying to stay positive in this coming back to it because we’ve lost a lot – but hopefully it’ll come back quickly!

I love running, but I have found the joys of workout videos the past several years. One of my new years resolutions is to get into rock climbing. I think upper body strength is so very important for women.

I just introduced my 7-year-old son to the rock climbing wall at our gym, and he loves it! It makes me want to try it too so this weekend, that’s where we’re headed. It’s such a fun way to bond with him. He’s not really into team sports, so it’s fun to watch how proud he is of his climbing accomplishments.
You look great! Enjoy your climbing!

You look terrific. I know you want to loose weight and get back into shape…but you look terrific. Your face looks very happy and relaxed. Such a difference in your pictures, I have noticed. Congratulations on this new season of life.

I’ve started working out again this new year and my body has definitely been feeling it this last week. Even with all the pain, it has definitely been worth it. I’ve missed being active and it’s given me so much extra energy after! 🙂

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