It’s Very Purpley


Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s color of 2014 so I thought I’d share a few picks in the purple family that you can incorporate into your home and wardrobe this year. When I was 14 my parents told me I could pick any color I wanted to paint my attic bedroom, and I picked violet (I’ve always had a soft spot for purple hues) although I prefer cooler shades of purple over warm. How do you feel about the color they picked for 2014?

1. Suede Oxfords/2. Wool Dot Throw/3. Nena and Co huipil day bag/4. Wisteria throw pillow
5. Purple beanie/6. Vintage v-neck tee/7. Fjallraven backpack/8. Purple lattice rug (great price too, we just bought one!)

And a few babble posts to get 2014 started off right:

10 gorgeous planners for 2014 (love planners, they make me feel so adult)
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10 Kid-Friendly Storage Bins
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When I was a child, purple was MY color. I went as far as to name my imaginary friend “Purpley”, so I certainly appreciate this round up and post title! Although I’ve learned to temper my love for the color, I could really use that Nena and Co bag!

Nice post! Thanks for sharing SenayStudio “Wisteria” pillow! Cheers and Happy New Year!

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