Newborn Days Photoshoot

055Today marks Edie Jean’s one month birthday! It’s hard to believe we’ve only known this sweet girl for a month, it seems like she’s always been part of our family. When she was a week old we hired Rachel Thurston to come photograph our newborn days here at home. Rachel is a friend from my days in Manhattan, but who is now based out of Orange County. I’ve always admired her photography so I was excited to have her come document this special time. I’m absolutely thrilled with how they turned out and am excited to share a few favorites with you today!

038I was a little hesitant about planning on anything only a week after her birth but she’s been a pretty easy baby and it wasn’t too big of a deal especially with my mother who was in town as well.  In every image there are piles of laundry, diapers, and dishes that weren’t picked up- just out of the frame of course! It was a nice excuse to blow dry my hair and put on a little lipstick,  and a big challenge to find something to wear besides leggings or maternity shirts but we made it happen!  Also, notice I still have the blue nail polish on from her birth?

034I’ve mentioned before my partnership with Adobe Revel. It’s a wonderful way to share photos with family and friends without having to send pictures via email, create a private social media account, private blog, or post publicly on other social media platforms. Perfect for situations like this newborn shoot where I want to share all these photos with close family or friends but don’t want to have to put them all online for everyone to see. I uploaded photos from this shoot on my computer to the adobe revel site and then can send my family a link to the photos. I can automatically access them on my phone as well in case I’m out an about and want to show some photos to another parent I run into at Henry’s school, or send some to another friend.

046Lots of people have been asking about how Henry’s been handling the transition to big brotherhood. He’s been great. He’s very affectionate with her and doesn’t really show any resentment or jealously (not yet at least!). We do have to remind him to be gentle all.the.time, not bug her when she’s sleeping, not push her swing too hard, or squeeze her cheeks too tightly, etc. He wants to constantly hug her too, which is sweet of course and you feel bad putting a stop to that but sometimes it’s a little smothering. It’s funny because he wouldn’t normally smother someone with hugs when they’re sleeping but I think she doesn’t quite seem human to him yet.





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All photos by Rachel Thurston Photography


I’ve been reading your blog for years, but never posted a single comment until now – just to tell you congratulations on your beautiful Edie! I was so touched by your posts about infertility struggles, and to see you all together in these pictures brings a tear to my eye. Thanks for years of great posts, DIYs, and little insights into your sweet family.

Such beautiful photos! Henry is soo cute – looks like you! (And Edie is gorgeous!)

Oh how sweet! Today (12/10) is my son’s third birthday and I can barely stand it! Enjoy those soft, squishy cheeks and perfect little toes!

Your Edie is so beautiful. Such a great way to capture this amazing time. I must show my Edie the photos – there aren’t many Edie’s around.

Wow, these are really beautiful. You look very well rested for somebody with a newborn – Congrats!

Oh, beautiful! Congratulations on your gorgeous family. 🙂 I can’t get over that little knitted nappy cover Edie is wearing, it’s so pretty. 🙂

these are absolutely gorgeous.
i love the 7th photo down, its just perfect and natural and relaxed.
love the light that you have in your home!

lovely photos!!! your kids are beautiful!!
Where did you get that animal hooks? would love it for our little boy’s nursery

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Best thing about them is that they don’t look staged at all – it just looks like you’re hanging out at home. Really captures it as it is…so lovely. Lots of good wishes.

its funny how you think henry doesn’t think she’s human yet, we just had a little girl as well and my son says to me “look mamma she moves her head like a real human!” your photos and family are beautiful. congratulations!

These are amazing photos!!

Where did you get those adorable shorts? They are so adorable!!!

They’re from etsy, yrs ago but the seller doesn’t make them anymore sadly!

these are beautiful! they feel so real:) good work rachel and good work liz! so nice to have these moments saved for eternity!!!

It’s crazy how grown up Henry looks compared to Edie. So lovely, I’ll have to check out Rachel’s work I need family photos soon

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