The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in San Francisco

oldnavyNov1We’re continuing our theme of finding the ‘best of’ in San Francisco. Last month we researched to find the best sandwich, the month before was the best chocolate ice cream, and today we’re showing the very scientific results from our search for the best chocolate chip cookie! Of course what to wear while on the hunt, featuring Old Navy’s cardigans.

oldnavyNov14Our top contenders: Tartine, Craftsman and Wolves, Arizmendi, Goody Goodie, Specialty, Anthony’s, and Knead Patisserie

oldnavyNov2Featuring items from Old Navy: City tee (in stores), Floral scarf (in stores), Boyfriend cardigan

Also, QP Collections handmade leather wallet (isn’t it gorgeous?), Sole Society Cambria flats, thrifted black and white skirt, Madewell red and black flannel shirt, thrifted Goldsign jeans we distressed here

Keep reading to hear more about the 7 finalists and more pictures of the outfits…

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Isabelle Ambler. Modeling by Lauren Bennett

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Our first stop was Knead Patisserie. It’s a charming little spot in the south Mission with a variety of baked goods and also lunch options.

oldnavyNov3We paired the boyfriend cardigan with a city tee, and a black and white vintage skirt. The floral scarf added a pop of color and this leather wallet is so classic.

oldnavyNov6With a cool glass of milk the chocolate chip cookie was a lovely treat but we still had many more to try!oldnavyNov8Isabelle picked up the rest and we met later that afternoon at Delores Park for some serious research. Lauren was in casual fall attire with distressed jeans, and pairing the boyfriend cardigan with a flannel shirt (doesn’t this outfit make you want to collect leaves and make an apple pie?). I love it.

oldnavyNov12Here are some notes on the chocolate chip cookie investigation. It obviously depends on your preference, are you  dark chocolate or milk chocolate person? Soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy? We tried a pretty good variety of each.

Craftsman and Wolves: Bittersweet, a bit chewy and salted (a favorite!)

Tartine: Huge and flat, crunchy, bittersweet

Specialty: Very bready, thick, very milky and tasted like butterscotch to us. I honestly thought this would be my favorite from past experience, so it’s possible we just didn’t get a great one that day! They are definitely crowd pleasers!

Arizmendi: Large, chewy inside, dark chocolate but not too bitter (a favorite!)

Goody Goodie: Thick, very chocolately and rich, maybe too rich?

Knead Patisserie: Thick and soft, small, great texture and size but lacked flavor for us

Anthony’s Cookies: Small, nostalgic and they continually bake them warm served with Strauss milk ( a favorite!)

It was hard to pick one as always, it was definitely a difficult choice between Arizmendi, Anthony’s and Craftsman and Wolves. Arizmendi was a great mix of dark chocolate that was still thick and chewy and not too bitter so we’ll go with that one!

oldnavyNov9Did we miss a favorite of yours? What’s your preference for chocolate chip cookies? Thick, crunchy, dark chocolate, milk chocolate?



The best chocolate chip cookie I’ve had was at Dandelion Chocolate. Mmmm. You have to try it!

Yummy post! I’ll have to add this to the list and I have to say I love that cardigan with that vintage (?) skirt. cute combo!

I love the chocolate chip cookies at Fraiche. They are the perfect consistency of chew but still soft, sweet, salty, and buttery.

p.s. Love the jeans, cardy, and your blog!

The cookies at Fraiche are actually from Batter Bakery (Russian Hill)! Fraiche orders the secret recipe dough from Batter and bakes it at their locations. If you think they’re good at Fraiche, head to Batter for the real deal (a variation of the Fraiche cookie recipe, but even better!)

a former Batter baker 😉

I looooove Specialty’s cookies. they are by far my favorite in the city…but I still have a lot to try by the looks of it. Love this series!

I love that you are doing this series, and often.

My friends and I live in SF and do food crawls deciding who makes a certain treat the best. We have done tacos, pizza and salted caramel ice cream so far.

Dumplings are next!

Oh man those all look amazing! I’ve actually tried the tartine ones and they are yummy for sure

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