Trend Crush: Halloween

By fashion editor Ashley

halloween trend crush

1. Cat Sweater (I don’t even like cats but this sweater is adorable!) 2. Bat Skirt 3. Skull Scarf 4. Skull Earrings 5. Bat Pumps 6. Owl Print Sweater

I’m not a fan of the “horror” part of Halloween…. you can leave me out of that! But I do love the dressing up part of Halloween. It’s a great excuse to step out from yourself and play a completely different character! But, not everyone loves to dress up or has the opportunity to dress up, so this post is for all you out there that WON’T be dressing up this Halloween. A quick round up of cats, bats, owls and skulls to keep with the Halloween spirit…. in a fashionable way of course. Will you be dressing up for Halloween? Or is wearing black and orange as far as you go?


I’m totally wearing black today. I looked for orange in my closet, but no dice. I’m not one to get much more dressed up than that, but I would rock that scarf, or maybe a cool piece of jewelry that subtly features a bat or skull or something.

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