Full Term Report

nurseryThis pregnancy has gone by super speedy, I can’t believe I’m already full term and that my due date is less than 2 weeks away (so exciting!!). It might be because we went through quite a journey getting pregnant this time around, or it might also because it took me a while to really let myself accept the face that it was finally happening for us, but I’ve enjoyed most every minute of this pregnancy. I think it wasn’t until I was at least 5 or 6 months along that I started to allow myself to get excited, as opposed to just being completely terrified and certain something would go wrong.

We’ve had to do a little rearranging and redecorating to make room for this little girl.  I’ve mentioned in our home tour, we have a sunroom that connects both Henry’s room and our bedroom. It doesn’t have heat or a closet, so technically it’s not a 3rd bedroom but it’s been perfect to use as my work room the last few years (and with a nice space heater it does just fine!).  It has 6 windows so it gets beautiful light for photos and it’s at the very back of the house so I can make a mess and just close the doors if I don’t have time to clean it up immediately. We are planning on having the baby sleep with us in our room this time for the first few months, but have her changing table, rocking chair, and other stuff in half of the sunroom that is closest to the door coming from our bedroom. The other half of the sunroom will still be my work space. Considering rent costs per square inch in this city, I think half of a sunroom is pretty generous! I’m planning on a full tour of the sunroom space divided into nursery and work space very soon, but this is just a bit of sneak peek.

(Changing area above: White shelf c/o Land of Nod, Baby Jives mobile, swaddle blankets made by friends at my baby shower, artwork by Kiki and Polly)

fullterm38weeks(Sorry for the blurry shot, I’m horrible at taking maternity photos of myself!)

Keep reading for some of my favorite things that have saved me this pregnancy and a little more about maternity style…

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I have been using and loved during this pregnancy, do you have any to add?

1.Prenatal Yoga DVD with Shiva Rae

It came highly recommended by both my sister Celeste who is a midwife and by my acupuncturist. Every week, three of my pregnant friends and I get together here at home for this prenatal yoga dvd. We also chat about pregnancy stuff and eat treats of course. We’ve been doing this same dvd with Shiva Rae since the first trimester and I’ve loved it, especially in this last trimester when movement has become difficult. I also found that many of the positions, breathing, and stretching are very similar to labor positions, and so it’s been great to make it part of my regular routine as labor is approaching quickly.

2. A good water bottle. A couple months ago ( I realize it took me forever to figure this out!), I realized that if I wasn’t drinking a ton of water consistently during the day I would get nauseous and light headed. One of the big problems was that I needed a good water bottle to carry around with me. I take it everywhere! Any time I leave the house it’s in my possession and I regret it when it’s forgotten.

3. Trader Joes pre packaged salads. With pregnancy cravings and deli meat off-limits, I feel like I haven’t been eating as many good hearty vegetables and lunches have been apples, cheese sticks, and crackers on the go. One thing that has saved me is Trader Joes pre-packaged salads. My favorites are the Field Fresh Chopped Salad with Cous Cous and the Broccoli Slaw and Kale with White Chicken. Both are delicious, any TJs pre-packaged salad favorites?

4. Heartburn over the counter medication and unisom to sleep. Boring stuff but so necessary!

And here are a few of my favorite maternity clothing:


Soft touch leggings from Asos

A good pair of flats. I love this pair in black and this pair.

Black jeans from Asos (they run small!)

Love this H&M Maternity shirt (image above), and these two as well

Distressed jeans from H&M Maternity (similar to these but in a blue wash)

Mavi dark skinny maternity jeans (these two, H&M and the Mavi, are the only ones that stay up for me now!)

Perfect low ankle boot from Sam Edelman

Any favorites you want to add?


Just to say, I think I’m due about a week behind you (Nov 19), and I’m so delighted to hear that you’re almost there, happy and healthy and well. I’m feeling incredibly blessed that everything has gone so well for us (also #2), and hoping my baby girl will take as long as she needs to make her debut. That said, I’m so insanely sick of… getting dressed while pregnant. So a big thumbs up to all your maternity clothes picks (ASOS was a godsend for me this time), and I’m so incredibly desperate to get rid of all of it as soon as possible! Ha!

Hooray for full term, good luck. Can’t wait to get a peek of her

So many congratulations Liz!! I am so excited for you!! You are going to meet finally your little girl!! So many emotions! Good luck for everything! We will be here to wait for you and for any news! Many Kisses!

Coming up so soon, will you be taking a maternity leave? So curious how that works for professional bloggers

Yes I am planning on taking time off, it is tricky though! My blog manager and assistant are taking over and I have lots of great posts pre-planned and guest bloggers lined up. It’ll be fun, hope you check back!

So excited for you and that nursery spot you shared looks adorable. Best of luck!

Thank you for this! As I just enter the 2nd trimester, I am struggling to find great looking clothes that aren’t super pricey. I love how bright the baby’s “sun room” is and as a fellow Hoboken resident, I look forward to going back and reading your other posts. Best of luck with your delivery!!

Congratulations Liz! I remember that feeling of relief getting to the 37th week mark. I can only imagine what this means to you after reading your story. Enjoy these last few weeks with a great big sigh 🙂

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