Flannel vs. Camo

By fashion editor Ashley


The “boyfriend” look has been trending for the last year and includes pieces like over sized sweaters and tees, boyfriend style jeans, blazers, ball caps, button ups, loafers, etc etc. This fall the focus seems to be specifically on menswear prints and textiles… like flannel and camo! Flannel has a cozy vibe that pairs great with other “boyfriend” looks, or can stand on its on with some skinny jeans and pumps. Camo has more of a “rough” reputation and gives off on edgy vibe when paired with black and or gray. Which menswear print do you prefer, flannel or camo?

Flannel Top | Camo Jacket

Favorite flannel finds around the web: one | two | three
Favorite camo finds around the web: one (my favorite!)| two | three

ps. Did you notice the camo top in the fashion photo shoot from last week?


Flannel! Although, being from the Midwest, I do agree that both are a bit too prevalent there — so neither seem chic. I actually despise camo, just like the previous commenter said it reminds me of hunting season.

I really don’t like either. Flannel reminds me too much of 90s grunge, which I don’t want to relive and camo reminds me of growing up in the upper midwest, where men wear it all day every day whether its hunting season or not:)

I’m more partial to the menswear inspired textiles like tweed and houndstooth, etc. that is popular this fall!

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