Easy and Last Minute Couples Costumes Pt. 2


Today is Part 2 of the Couples Costume ideas! The whole idea behind these couples costume ideas are they’re last minute things you should be able to throw together from items you probably already have in your closets (just my style). Last week we shared part 1  (camp counselors, dirty dancing, and acrobats!) and if you need even MORE inspiration here are the links to last years posts, part 1 and part 2.


1. Lumberjacks

Nothing says outdoor sexy like a lumberjack…. I mean look at these two! This look is so easy to pull together you literally could do it at the last minute, especially since flannel is so in right now. Or you could plan it a couple weeks in advance and give your man the chance to grow a nice scruffy beard to look the part.



Old jeans, flannel shirts, boots, suspenders (from a local army/navy surplus store), face paint or real dirt… to get that hard working grunge look. Don’t forget to carry an axe!


2. Punk Rockers

punk rockers-05

Keep reading to see more details and photos for these two costumes….


I love this look for couples who are more conservative… It makes the costume that much better when it’s SO different from what you normally would where….. especially when you add the black makeup. Try it! You’ll be the talk of the party.

punk rockers-03


Tight band shirts (Quinn and Katrina are wearing shirts from Katrina’s band called Baby Ghosts), tight dark jeans, jean jackets, chains, over sized safety pins (from a local army/navy surplus store), black makeup  for around the eyes, boots. If you are feeling adventurous you can get some colored hair chalk or hair spray from your local costume shop and add streaks of color to your hair.

punk rockers-01

Outtakes below!



punk rockers-02

punk rockers-04

Aren’t Katrina and Quinn just the coolest? I love the ability they have to rock every look….from bandits to Mary Poppins to acrobats to punk rockers. I can’t think of a single look they couldn’t master.

Big thanks to our models Katrina and Quinn, photographer Ashley Thalman, stylist Karli Haglund (karli.elaine@gmail.com), assistant Olivia Maude Lee Whittle. Creative direction by Liz Stanley and copy and graphics by Ashley Aikele.



These are great! They make cute punk rockers and love the hair too

Wow. Has anyone ever told Quinn he looks like Keifer Sutherland?!

Haa, these are so great. Love this series and your sister is a total BABE

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