Trend Crush: Harem Pants

By fashion editor Ashley

harem pants

Harem pants are a hot topic this year and one of the more controversial pieces I’ve seen in a while. Confession! I totally bought a pair! They were seriously comfortable but only came in a crazy print. After debating it for a week I ended up returning them. I felt like it was a piece that I would look back on in pictures and say, “What was I thinking!” I might be swayed to pick up a neutral pair (black or grey) if I came across some I liked but for now I’m still on the fence.

harem pants

What do you think of this trend? What will your kids say 20 years from now about you sporting harem pants “back in the day”?


One | Two | Three | Four

My favorite Harems to buy from around the web:

Basic Black | Zara Printed Pants | F21 Geo printed pants for $18 | Pleat-front Silky Harem


YES I totally agree with this line of questioning: “what will I think of this outfit when I see myself wearing it in a picture in 20 years?”
I always ask myself this. And I think that the crazy harem pants will be a regret – but the more subtle ones will still look good.

Haha love predicting the future!

I picked up a black jersey pair on our trip to Denmark because all of the girls were wearing them and they are super comfy. I LOVE them so much. I had ordered a silk pair before and they didn’t fit me right at all, were way too baggy around the hips and such.

I like the look on other women, but I’m not confident I could wear them as well. Also, I’m pretty sure I’d look back and regret wearing them…just like you mentioned. Instead, I opt for skinny sweats, like the Saturday pant J.Crew offered a season or two ago and still offer in a similar style. They’re comfortable AND they fit me nicely. 🙂

In all honestly, our kids will say the same thing in 20 years when they see us in *anything* we were wearing – “What on earth were you thinking?!?” LOL

I’m too, um….fat, to wear harem pants, but I like the look if they’re solid colored. Not big on the print ones.

I’ve been dying to get a pair of these, but I never know how they’re supposed to fit/if the one’s I try on fit right. I have a butt/not stick thin thighs. Any suggestions on the fit?

In general I think they are suppose to have more of a relaxed, loose fit throughout but I’ve seen them worn a little bit tighter and I think they can totally work both ways! Try on a range of sizes and go with what feels best on your body 🙂

The black and pink I like, because they don’t have super saggy crotches (oh, did I just write that?). But seriously, I like the casual look of those two without being toooo MC Hammer (I think I just aged myself). I saw a similar pair to the black at Splendid, and I like them!

and yet – the girl in the paisley pair looks like she has a droopy diaper

omg, you should totally keep them! they’re comfy, casual and can be dressed up. maybe i’m just biased since you included me in the post, but they’re a definite must have! thanks for including me 🙂

xx Kate | The Fancy Pants Report

i’ll admit it, i was seriously opposed to these until recently, when I tried on a pair. and now i am obsessed.

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