Trend Crush: Silk Pants

By fashion contributor Ashley

I can’t decide what I like more about silk pants for summer… the look, or the idea of running around in lightweight silk bottoms all day. Out of this round up my favorite pair are the slouchy silk pants. I love the idea of cuffing the bottom and pairing them with sandals and a slouchy top. It’s the stuff summers should be made of, am I right?silkpants-02
Are you crushing on silk pants like I am? What type of silk pants would you wear?

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Silk pants are cute, but deceiving! They feel incredibly lightweight when you try them on in the dressing room. But if you live anywhere warmer than SF in the summer, they are a sweaty mess waiting to happen! I bought some beautiful silk pants at Banana Republic . . .uh. . .10 years ago. That’s crazy. Anyway, I was so excited to wear them that summer, but my first time out on a moderately hot day, I realized I had made a mistake. Silk does not breathe! It’s lightweight, but it’s like a thermal barrier. I realized that’s why they sell silk ski underwear–it holds in every bit of heat! So there I was, out in the heat in light-colored silk pants, and you could actually see sweat marks after I sat down–like behind my knees and at the bottom of my rear. SO embarrassing! So they might be perfect for an SF summer, but beware anywhere else!

Kara, it’s funny that you you should say that! I picked up a pair of silk pants after I wrote this post and I wore them out the the farmers market yesterday and I was SO HOT. I had the same realization that you did, while lightweight, there was no air flowing in or out. I was kind of bummed. But luckily I think they will transition nicely into fall.

I reeeeeeally want to love silk pants, but every time I try some on they look like pajamas on me…and not the good kind. Dang it, they’re cute!

Thanks for the shout-out! The floral silk pants are really as comfortable as they look. Zara is having a sale so it may be sold-out online but go to your nearest store, you can probably find it there or something similar at a steal.

I am also excited to add a new blog into my repertoire of reading 🙂

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