Maternity Clothing: 20 Favorites


I’ve been on a serious quest for stylish and affordable maternity clothes lately.  Asos Maternity, Top Shop Maternity, and Old Navy Maternity have surfaced as being my current online favorites, but I’d love to hear your suggestions as well. Any undiscovered shops I should know about? H&M Maternity was a favorite with my first pregnancy but it’s really hit or miss in the store here, and there’s no online option (boo!). Also, why is it that most maternity stuff seems to be at least 5 years outdated in style?? Drives me nuts! I have found some great things though, here are a few favorites:

1. Baseball tee $13.58
2. Slub sweater $39.95
3. Demi panel dark wash skinny jeans $39.94
4. Black pencil skirt $40
5. Soft touch leggings $20.36 (love these, I bought them gray and black)
6. Roll sleeve tee $28
7. Stripe top $22.04
8. Black skinny jeans $33.09 (my favorite pants so far)
9. Trench coat $127.28 (a must-have for San Francisco weather)
10. Charcoal maxi tank dress $58


1. Brenton stripe top in red $33.94
2. Diagonal stripe top $33.94
3. Peg pant in printed check $37.33
4. Maxi dress in green $73.36 (isn’t this beautiful?!?)
5. Denim smock dress $64.88
6. Aztec tee $24
7. Midi dress with smocked skirt $59.40
8. Bleached jeans $76
9. Fisherman sweater $52
10. Slub t-shirt dress $49.95


i’m late to the game but I say check out thredup for maternity basics. You can get pants, jeans and other items for a fraction of what they cost in stores.

when i was pregnant last summer i tried to keep my purchases to a bare minimum. i got two pairs of shorts and two dresses from old navy, one top and a dressier dress from target, and a handful of tanks from motherhood maternity. the two items that were my absolute favorite were the dark skinny jeans and a stripe-y tank from the heidi klum line at motherhood. i wore them all. the. time. i also got a few of the bellyband thingies from shade clothing that i still use for covering up my middle when nursing.

(1) Japanese Weekend here in SF. Look for clearance items. Good quality. Save shipping and request to pick up downtown (near union square).
(2) Isabella Oliver. British. Not cheap. But I shopped the sales and loved everything I got. Especially good for working woman wear while pregnant.

Shade Clothing has great basic tees for a great price. There is usually a sale. Basic dresses too.

What about the new maternity line at Zara called Mum (cute name)? I am not pregnant and it came out after my daughter was born so I haven’t tried it out yet. Congrats on your second, by the way! I am so happy for you – especially after reading everything you guys have gone through!

I am due in Sept and live in southeast Georgia and have, as required daily wear, compression stockings. Thus far that is the only maternity-specific clothing I’ve bought. With the stockings (from Preggers) maxi dresses are an overheating hazard so I’ve been buying Anthropologie/JCrew high-waisted dresses on ebay/online/BST FB boards to wear. I’ve also been wearing my thinner Lululemon tanks that have so much stretch and some random elastic/drawstring waist skirts. As for swim I needed to buy something a little more demure than ususal but still figured a 2 piece would do and got a great skirted suit from SeaFolly at Nordstrom Rack that doesn’t look matronly and it is also regular sized (not maternity). I plan on getting another one from Old Navy eventually. This is my 4th baby and i usually despise my maternity clothes afterwards and toss them all. I am hoping to avoid that this time around by getting regular dresses that happen to fit over my growing belly.

I’m American, but living in the UK so have had a bit of a hard time buying maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy. Asos does have a few nice items, though a little too high fashion for my taste, but I did manage to find a maternity wedding dress there for only $20! Mostly I’ve been shopping at Gap online as I find they have quality maternity items that aren’t too trendy or bizarre – easy to match with a lot of things. Love their maternity jeans and tops. Generally I wear a fun maternity tank top with maternity jeans and a long cardigan.

I also wore the belly bands for several months to extend the life of my original wardrobe which really helped me stay in normal jeans and tops for a long time. Good luck finding some nice things!

Can I just say be thankful you live in the USA when it comes to maternity shopping? Just got back from our ‘babymoon’ in NYC and I had great luck there. I am REALLY happy with some items I was able to get a Pea in the Pod at Macy’s and Rosie Pope. Gap and Old Navy seem to have cute mat stuff online but then don’t ship to Canada. Finding nice work stuff is especially hard.


Have you checked your nearest bricks and mortar Old Navy store in Canada? The one in my neck of the woods has an entire maternity section.

I was a regular clothes stretcher until month 7.5. Belly bands and long tanks from F21 and LuluLemon were key to this…also, maxi dresses. And yeah, just sizing up on most things (cardigans, chambray button ups, high-waist dresses)

Two pregnancies later, I no longer get that excited feeling thinking about maternity clothing. I spent many a pregnant, sleepless night researching and pinning a post-partum/nursing wardrobe…

i’ve been living in maxi dresses, mostly from target in the regular department. i found some cute a-line and empire waist versions and have just been sizing up a few notches.

but the worst is definitely trying to find a good bathing suit!!!

I love ASOS. They definitely have some of the cutest things. My biggest frustration is finding good options in a brick and mortar store. Maternity styles are tricky and I would rather try them on before purchasing. Even at places like Gap and Old Navy that have things in the store, the selection is really limited.

Target also has some cute things!

I agree, it would be nice but i’ve given up trying to find brick and mortar stores with stylish maternity. luckily, asos has free shipping both ways for returns. that’s what’s so frustrating about H&M too, the selection we have here is awful and they don’t have an online option!

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