Henry’s New Room


A couple weeks ago I shared my inspiration board for Henry’s bedroom project that I collaborated with Land of Nod on. Today, I’m excited to share with you some pictures of the finished room! There are still little things I’m working on but I’m happy with how it’s all turned out, and Henry loves it too.


So come with me on a little tour (and if you’re new, read a bit about the project here)…

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley

1. Clothing storage


As I had mentioned in my previous post, we were long overdue for a new dresser and I was looking for one that was something he could grow into (and perhaps share with another sibling). The Ellipse 6 drawer dresser stole my heart the minute I saw it. With six drawers it’s very spacious and can even store some of his race tracks (any excuse to pack those away!).  I’m a huge fan of the mid century look too- it’s an incredible piece.

The beautiful blue painting was a gift from Henry’s great Aunt Deborah who is an amazing artist. I love those beautiful blues and teals. Henry Call, Henry’s great great great Grandpa sits next to the little sheep I brought back from Mexico on our first trip away from Henry when he was a year old.


We still use the growth chart! I made it when he was 6 months old. But I was new to blogging DIYs and didn’t include great instructions, sorry- email me if you have questions about it. A fish named Leo sits on the dresser who Henry always forgets to feed but has manages to stay alive for 2 years and counting.

Ellipse 6 drawer dresser and gray laundry hamper c/0 Land of Nod. Mini bertoia chair from Little Nest. Canvas whales poster from Etsy. Artwork by Deborah Barlow.

2.  Toy/book storage and organization


Toy storage is always a huge challenge for kids rooms because there is so many small pieces of things that are constantly being taken in and out and under and around the house. We were really in desperate need for a new shelf (our old one was ridiculously beat up and too small), so we chose this amazing compartment department bookshelf with wire bins for all the tiny cars, trains, blocks, and of course whoopee cushions.


I love how the bookshelf is sectioned off in varying heights and shapes to make space for every type of object. We were able to fit all his toys + most of his books in it.  Aren’t the book holders cute on the side of the shelf? We put the library chapter books that we’re currently reading on there for easy access:




Compartment department bookshelf wire bins , and pouf c/o Land of Nod. Woven baskets from Ikea. Brass bookends from Target. Artwork by Blanca Gomez. Oh My Emerald Rug c/o Gypsya. 

3. Bed


Last year we switched from a toddler bed to a full sized bed. Since this room becomes a guest room when visitors are here, we wanted something that could comfortably fit an adult or two and also be a bed for him to grow into. Henry has such a nice view from his window of the community garden and overlooking the Richmond district. He often falls asleep looking out that window at night.


For some reason, finding the right comforter was the hardest part of this room! I knew that with the gorgeous emerald green rug I wanted a navy blue with white but I had a hard time finding the exact pattern I wanted (I was actually tempted to get the same one we have for our bedroom). I finally settled on this simple navy and white striped duvet which I’ve been happy with.


We used to have this huge vintage framed map above his bed but with earthquakes being the threat they are round these parts, we needed to replace it with some less prone to injury so I chose this cute canvas map from Land of Nod.


Oak park nightstandcanvas map, dinosaur pillowfish pillow, and white geometric lamp c/o Land of Nod. Dinosaur alarm clock and lamp shade from Target. Personalized pillow from Sarah and Abraham. Striped navy duvet from Overstock. Bed from Ikea.

4. Art board + Hat rack


We used to have this sweet gallery wall I made from thrifted frames to rotate his artwork. I liked it a lot but I wanted something that he could also hang other mementos, like the medal from a bike race, a picture of his beloved Pre-K class, and his awesome ‘secret pants fart’  sign. Jordan had a great magnet wall idea to use a piece of sheet metal because you can hammer straight through it into the wall. We bought some special scissors and cut the standard piece from Home Depot in half (carefully, it’s sharp). He’s very proud of it!henrysroom13

We’ve had this old shelf forever! It used to be my prop when I was styling images for my Baby Hank vintage etsy shop (ha!) and it has just kind of stuck around. I thought it would be cute to have a little kid hat + coat rack underneath and thought this modern colorful one was really fun from Land of Nod.

Hat and coat rack c/o Land of Nod. Personalized hanger from Etsy.

PS IF you’re looking for a full house tour,  ours was posted on Cup of Jo a couple weeks ago- you can see peeks of his old room there!


Love the embroidered pillow but I can’t find it on the site, do you know if they still make them or was it a custom piece you had done?

Love this and it’s a great inspiration as I plan my youngest daughter’s big girl room. Question: do the metal storage bins scrape and scratch the bookcase? Thanks!

I love all the personal touches- the photo of his namesake, the growth chart, the bulletin board, and that beautiful painting from his aunt- it’s all very sweet!

There are so many cute parts of this room- but the rug and the dresser are my favorites!

So cute! And totally could transition into an older kid room as welll

Love it! My favorite part is that beautiful dresser and the rug. Wonderful pieces.

Gosh I adore Land of Nod! They just don’t have anything like it in Australia. Sometime I take my toddler there just to have a bit of a wander, play with the blocks in the store and fantasize about decking her room out just like this.

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