Button Up vs Polo

By fashion contributor Ashley


With Fathers Day coming up I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to squeeze in a little menswear post. This is your chance to voice what you’d rather see your man in, a button up or a polo? Your answer might even be different from what he prefers to wear!

I got pretty lucky, my husband and I agree on most his style choices (after I refined his taste a little). He’s never been a fan of polo’s and neither have I so unless he is going golfing, then button up it is! He always throws one on when we go out, even if its to the grocery store. It’s kind of embarrassing when I dress down more than my husband does!

So which would you choose? Button up or Polo? Are there any other pieces that you and your man don’t see eye to eye on?

Button Up | Polo



When I met my husband all he wore were polos. After we were married, I was able to swap out all polos for button downs and he wears them every where. Even the grocery store. He like them better now too because the fabris is so much lighter and cooler.

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