Shorts vs. Skirts

By fashion contributor Ashleyshortsvsskirt2-01


With summer literally around the corner its time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe!
Do you prefer skirts or shorts when the weather starts turning warm? I am a skirt girl myself, but all the patterned shorts out there right now are so fun! Now pipe in, which is your go to look for summer?

shorts from J.Crew | skirt from Madewell


when i was expecting last summer, i was all about skirts because i had several jersey ones already, so i could get dressed without having to buy a bunch of new bottoms (though i did buy two pairs of shorts from old navy that i wore to death while chasing after my son).
i just bought two new pairs of shorts for this summer though. they just seem so much more casual, and definitely better for crawling around on the floor with my (now) 10 month old!

Just the question on my mind as I deal with Indian summers..Its definitely skirts for me most of the time:)

Skirts! Being LDS, a knee length skirt is a proportion I like way more than a knee length short. If I were wearing something shorter than knee length, I am sure I would wear more shorts.

Oh My Goodness! SKIRT! Shorts make me feel a little self conscience really. But skirts seem like they’re all girl! But I agree about the patterned shorts out there. I may need to face my fear of shorts and see how I come out!

ouch, do i have to choose? i wear shorts a lot more but skirts are incredibly lovely as well. i move a lot in the summer, though lay on the grass, sit on the floor, dance in the streets, etc so i guess shorts are the best option for me:)

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