Simple Grey Dresses

long grey dresses

I saw this collage of grey dresses on The Sartorialist and fell in love with all the amazing options you’d have to style it- rain or shine, winter or summer, dressy or casual. Do you own a comfy mid to long grey dress? It seems like one of those effortlessly chic must-have items for your closet. I think I like it with those high top sneakers the best. Which look do you like?

Here are a few budget options I found if not: one/ two/three/four (Topshop has some great ones!)

PS Happy Earth Day! I’m on an advisory board for LunchSkins (such a great product!) and hosting a giveaway featuring $100 of their products right here


I’d have to agree with you, my favorite is the one with the Chuck Taylors! (but I’m very partial to Chuck Taylors – I got my grey pair when I was living in Paris where EVERYONE wears them!)

The Gap has some cute gray sweatshirt dresses…they look so casual and comfy (for those of us that live in cooler climates!)

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