Acid Wash

By fashion contributor Ashley

A few weeks ago I did a post on the comeback of overalls and asked if this was a trend you were on board with. The reviews were mixed… so I decided to throw out another “comeback trend” to get your opinion on…. ACID WASH! As cute as I think these pictures are, I have to say I think this trend is a pass for me. What about you? Are you into the acid wash look?

Jacket | Jeans

PS Liz here! Didn’t think I was on board with this trend until I found this pink pair I posted on instagram.


I’m not a big fan of acid wash but It’s only a matter of time. We will see a trend a lot then we get use to it and it becomes new fashion again!! Like skinny jeans or 60’s fashion that are very popular now.

Myself, I always loved the acid wash look – especially on black jeans. I was disappointed when jeans shopping for myself last month that the black acid wash jeans weren’t available in my size. 🙁

I’m an 80’s girl at heart and will forever love the acid wash. Big fat YES from me.

Maybe an acid wash on grey, but definitely not the acid wash on blue of my late 80s through 90s childhood again.

Fun fact, though: I observed this trend in Moscow last summer. It just never left Russia.

I agree that the grey ones aren’t bad, or even the cute pink ones that Liz got!
I wonder what other countries acid wash jeans never left? 🙂

i’m from the late 90s so all these ‘old’ trends that are coming back now feel totally ‘new’ to me. haha. i love how these girls wear it, but i think it really depends on HOW you wear the clothes. i’m not sure i could pull it off as well…

As a woman in her mid twenties, I find it hilarious that trends from my childhood are already “back” – I totally rocked some overalls, neon hightop sneakers & acid wash jeans with the best of them back in the 90s. What’s next scrunchies (please say NO, not even the Heathers made those look decent!)

I’m a 90’s kid, and I’ve always looked back at pictures of my siblings and me when we were younger and laughed at our acid wash jeans. My mom (who owns a consignment boutique, so keeps up with fashion trends) has told me that trends to to cycle back around every 20 years or so, and this is one of the first trends I actually remember from my lifetime that has come back. I’ve seen some acid wash items I love (a blogger I follow wore some polka dotted acid wash jeans that were adorable), but there are still plenty that I’d definitely pass on.

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