J.Crew + Madewell Sales

Both J.Crew and Madewell have great sales going on. J.Crew is offering 30% off their sale items too with the code GOODNEWS at checkout. Hooray! This sale only happens a couple times a year so it’s a great time to stock up for warm weather. Here are a few favorites:

1. Chambray Shirt J.Crew  $62
2. White transport tote Madewell $168
3. Cafe Capri in Dot J.Crew $54
4. Floral sidewalk skimmer Madewell $69
5. Nautical colorblock tee J.Crew $39
6. Bandeau Bikini top and bottom Madewell $42 and $40
7. Zipcode Boot Madewell $176
8. Postage stamp mini J.Crew $91
9. Liberty Shirt J.Crew $88
10. Cloud Cover jacket  Madewell $126
11. Vintage mint pj set J.Crew $44
12. MacAlister boots in suede J.Crew $84
13. Camden Satchel Madewell $182
14. Wool Skirt in Coral  J.Crew $56
15. Laser Star dress Madewell $190
16. Two Tone Sneakers Madewell $46.50

Happy shopping!


Reading my mind. I’ve been wanting those sneakers (and the floral skimmers actually) and totally forgot about ’em. Heading over now…

wow! wonderful,i really love your style,especially the first one!

I actually just got an announcement in the mail that the Madewell store in San Francisco is opening next week! I've been debating whether or not to make an online sale purchase or wait for the store (or both?!)

Ah, I need to stop by and pick something up – loove Madewell 🙂

madewell + sale are two words that go so well together! i also can't wait for the madewell store in SF!

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I recently purchased some items from Madewell and was a bit annoyed to find that the clasp on a pair of silk shorts had come loose due to unsecure sewing. I had to fix it by hand and laugh at the irony of their name. That said, I do like their prints, basic pieces, and silk items. Just make sure whatever you get is in good condition!

I am addicted to Madewell and these extra % off's are killing my wallet! Already bought some goodies a couple of weeks ago, now eying others!

agree about that maxi dress! I'm a huge fan of madewell as well

I have those clogs on my christmas list…I really like your blog by the way!

You've managed to find my favorite cardigan of all time. And that my friend, is a hard feat. Congratulations.

love those color combinations. i'll have to check madewell out!

is that considered blasphemy? – yes, yes it is 🙂 but i love madewell too!

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