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A couple months ago I convinced my super stylish New Yorker sister, Becca, to discard of her ambitious law school plans and become a style blogger! (Well, kind of. I think she still might be heading to law school. Clearly I have more work to do). She and I write a joint blog on Disney Voices called Coast to Coast Sister Style where I talk about street style fashion on the West Coast and she talks about street style fashion on the East Coast.

Becca was the one who turned me on to leather jackets last year- ya know, before you, your mom, and your mom’s cousin was sporting them. She cruises all around New York on her adorable bike, is learning graphic design, introduces me to all kinds of cool music, can create the perfect top knot even with our cursed thin hair, and works across the street from Zara (how would it be??). She’s the epitomy of hip.

So here are our first posts for the month (Ashley helps us with the graphics):

Transitional Outerwear for the West Coast (me)

and Transitional Outerwear for the East Coast (my sister Becca)

I’ll share new ones each month!


Maybe its just me but heads up that link above didnt work for me.
The link to the westcoast coats from in the eastcoast post does though.
Love these both!!!

How cute! Love the ideas of your sister style posts!

Love this idea! I’m originally from the West coast, moved to DC for 7 years, and now my hubby and I are moving back to Montana in the Fall. Seems like as soon as I finally get the hang of what’s in style, I move. I guess now I’ll just try to combine the too ;).

Tia |

I absolutely love this! Although my sister and I live a mile apart from each other in Seattle, our styles are completely different too. However, I could never convince her to do a sister’s styles. I cannot wait to see more posts coming.

Dani //

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