Trend Crush: Distressed Jeans

I spent part of the weekend experimenting in methods to distress jeann. Totally gave me flashbacks from high school! I had this one pair of awesome ripped levis I wore them with big chunky shoes and over sized cable knit sweaters.

More about ripped jeans…


distressed jeans

There was another pair I would wear that were my dad’s old levis he painted in sometimes (cool, right?), so they were pretty beat up and super baggy. It’s crazy how fashion has come full circle. Because distressed jeans are tooooootally back in style.


So after experimenting + pinterest searching I’ve found there are a bunch of different styles of distressed jeans: baggy boyfriend look, skinny jeans with slits, and holes vs. frayed spots. You’ll have to find out tomorrow what kind I like best (and how to make them yourself) but what do you think? What’s your favorite distressed jeans look? Are you into this trend?

distressed jeans

(image, image, image, image)

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Great tutorial! You talked about reinforcing with thread but I’m wondering how to do that without it showing through on the other side?

When I was younger I was allllllllll about it, I spent hours upon hours convincing my parents that I needed “new” jeans that looked “old”, lol. Now I can’t wear anything distressed without feeling 17 again. Thanks Abercrombie! Lol.

After seeing the first photo I could get on board with ripped jeans. I love how the jeans are mixed with the chunky sweater and stripes. Polishing it off with those chunky (but feminine) bracelets, funky rings, and that watch, pulls the look together nicely.

So glad this is coming back in style. I have holes in all of my jeans from crawling around after kids 🙂 Now I can pretend it is purposeful.

As a life long tomboy, ripped jeans have always been a part of my wardrobe. I love pairing striped stockings underneath when it’s cold for a hint of WEE!

Also… I want that watch in the first photo!

what a great idea about using stockings when it’s cold! i’ve always thought distressed jeans were a warm weather thing but you’ve changed my mind now!

there is something pretty artistic about them, don’t you think? maybe that’s why i loved my dad’s painter jeans so much!

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