How to Wear It: Shiny Black Leggings

styling leather leggings

I’ve professed my love affair with shiny black leggings before (also called leather leggings, rubber leggings, pleather leggings), but I thought it would be fun to put together a post on how to style them since they can be a little tricky. It took me a while to figure out how to avoid looking like you just came from high school track practice or looking like you’re working the street (yikes). In general I style them very casually, but I love how even casually with sneakers and an army jacket they look very rock star chic. Here are a few ways I love to style my shiny black leggings (the first outfit below was what I wore the first day of Alt Summit!).

P.S. This pair of shiny black leggings I’m wearing in the shoot is from Asos ($28!), which also comes in petite sizes.

With the talents of photographer Ashley Thalman, stylist Emily Frame, hair/makeup artist Jocelyn Brown, and graphic design by Ashley Aikele

All Business: Blazer- J.Crew/Red blouse- Madewell/ Turquoise ring – custom/Gold necklace – Banana Republic/Oxfords – Dolce Vita

To Market: Jacket- Forever 21/Tee- Zara/Necklace- Fletcher and Fox /Timex Easy Reader watch/H&M earrings/Sneakers- thrifted red bensimons

Two more looks after the jump!

Cozy Winter: Beanie-H&M/Chambray shirt- vintage Levis/Cape- Madewell/ Cotton On bangle/Leather wrap bracelet by Jeka Tree/Bow Ring- Soel Boutique

Date Night: Sweater -Gap/Shoes – Zara/Jacket – Nordstrom/Locket – Urban Outfitters/Vintage Chanel purse


BOOMSKI. Someone’s been using an eyebrow pencil. You look super hot in all these pictures, Liz!

Looove you.


The outfits are great and you look fantastic. The Forever 21 jacket, did you buy that a long time ago or is it recent? Love it. Thanks.

love these outfits! i really like the jacket in the market outfit–is it a recent forever 21 find?

You look amazing in all of the looks. Did you buy the Forever 21 Navy draw string jacket a while ago or is it more recent? Thanks so much.

I love these looks! I don’t know if I could get away with wearing these to work .. but maybe? I’ll give it a go! Thanks!

Hey Liz. I’m gonna go for it and buy some… but don’t know what size to get. Probs the same size you wear? 2? 4? It says the model is in a 4?

LIZ you’re adorable, and styled these 4 looks so incredibly well! You def convinced me to give leather leggings a chance. I guess it’s all about balancing the top half and accessories 🙂

Love the shiny leggings! I wear mine with a chiffon plaited blouse or an oversized knitted hi/low shirt. Love the market and business looks!! 🙂

You are so brave! And you look so cute! Way to rock a rather “challenging” trend. I love the all business and that gif!

I still am not feeling it for the shiny black leggings. Sorry but leggings are NOT pants!

I love this cape.

Could you share more deets on it? Is it at Madewell now? Please and thanks!

Oh I know it’s one of my favorite pieces right now! I wish I could link over to it somehow- I bought it at Madewell in December but can’t find it on the site at all. Apologies! Maybe try checking ebay? Or keep checking Madewell for a new version?

I love the way these leggings look! I’ve yet to take the plunge myself, but this post might have just convinced me.

You are rocking these, girl! I love all the looks! And that red Madewell blouse is already in my closet and is one of my favorites.

Such an amazing shirt, right? I bought it the same day I bought the Madewell cape in this post. Such a good shopping day!

I think you look cute. This leggings-as-pants look is only for the brave and the skinny though! I may grab a pair and put under something though! So cute.

If you’re uncomfortable with it- We were going to do one look with the leggings under a dress which would be a great option or with an oversized mens shirt, which is totally in style and might make you feel better covering up (kind of like the winter cozy look above)

I like those ideas! I would love to see more suggestions. I love the look of the leggings. It’s something different and fresh.

So cute! I’ve been afraid of those shiny black leggings for a while now. But you’ve inspired me to give them another chance!

Omgosh, Liz! You are so ridiculously adorable. You’ve inspired me. I’m heading over to ASOS to see if they ship to Switzerland *right now*! 🙂 Love these looks!!! xo

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