I like the sexy factor, like skinny jeans, heels and a sexy top… Maybe a pink scarf or pink make up… Fun to think about. 🙂

Sleek and modern (probably not super sexy, but not prudish either)! I am so not a brights, HAY LOOK AT ME sort of person.

I am a brights girl! I ready have my pink and red outfit all picked out for tomorrow! Can’t wait to rock those colors. Bam.

I wish I had a sexy LBD to wear! Actually, either outfit would be appreciated in my wardrobe, but if I had the choice for Valentine’s Day I’d take the sexy LBD. That’s assuming we were going out somewhere. 🙂

I live valentines day and I live wearing the red and pinks this time of year. I would love the black dress in a bright red. Classy+ fun= best of both worlds

Yes I am all about the pinks and reds on vday! I mean what better way to celebrate this lovely holiday by wearing the brights. I cant wait to wear my hot pink blazer from h&m…and I might feel crazy and wear my red pants. Options are endless 🙂

you’re so cute Ashley. Loven the dresses. I say do something different for this day and rock the brights. I’m a neutral girl myself but I play on wearing red on red tomorrow.

I think I’m with you on this one. I’m excited to wear my new little red jacket tomorrow and some pink lipstick. Work it!

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