Look for Less: Waiting for Spring

By fashion contributor Ashley

It’s not quite February and I am getting major vibes that everyone has had just about enough of winter. I’m definitely ready for some sunny days! This outfit makes me think spring with all of its colors. Dressed down with some flats I think this look would be really cute for a stroll at the farmers market. Is anyone else having warm weather withdrawals? I feel like I’m betraying myself with this post since winter has always been my favorite season (what is wrong with me, right?) What spring activities are you missing right now?

The Look (by Anthropologie) / Jean Jacket / Blouse / Lace Skirt / Clutch / Pumps / Necklace


I’m confused. How do you get the skirt of they don’t ship to the US? Do you mean it’s only a great deal if you live in Europe?

I love what you put together but it’s disappointing to go buy the necklace & it says $59 minimum. And I went to buy the skirt and it’s in Euros & doesn’t ship to the US.

Seriously so amazing! I can’t believe you found such amazing deals. This is such a great column, thanks so much for sharing. I can’t believe you found a necklace for $3. Love it!

This is far and way m favorite column – knocked it out of the park again. And $7 for that skirt, score!

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