How to Wear it: Shiny Leather Pants

By fashion contributor Ashley
For those of you daring enough to wear leather, or faux leather pants, (like Liz is!) I’ve put together two looks to give you some ideas on how to wear them.
A night out

1. jacket 2. blouse 3. purse 4. heels 5. pants 6. earrings

Here are two quick tips on how to keep your leather pants classy, not trashy.

1. Avoid wearing a tight top, generally they look better paired with loose, over sized, and or blousy tops.
2. Stick with a neutral color pallet if you can. Black on black especially looks sleek with leather pants.

What do you think of this trend? Are you a leather pants type of girl? Also, I’m dying to know… are they comfortable? Or do they stick to your skin the way I imagine they would?


Love these shoes. would add shortly in our shop

Leathercoburd and Co.

I love both of these looks!! I usually wear my leather pants with an oversized comfy sweater. They definitely can get a bit warm, and I too get stuck to seats! However, I feel like a rockstar when I wear them!!

Nailed it, ash. These looks are killer.

Ps: my leather pants don’t slide. I get stuck on chairs. Awesome.

Oh, I love the first look the most. It’s a bit of edgy but so feminine at the same time. xo, Maria

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