Ankle Boots vs. Loafers

By fashion contributor Ashley

I’m planning on using some of my Christmas cash to update some classic pieces in my wardrobe. First up….. black flats. I have a nice pair of heels that I like but my black flats are long over due for an update. I’ve narrowed it down to loafers or ankle boots…. I’ve almost convinced myself that I should go with the boots and get some fun (glitter) loafers down the road. Which would you choose?

picture, ankle boots, loafers


Tough one. I’ve got boots, but have been considering loafers…for now, it’s boots for me. More of a fall/winter style I think.

The cold weather screams boots but the heart says go with the loafers = buy both! 🙂
Happy new year!

I like your plan! I just got some golden loafers that I adore, and I have loved tromping around in them during this gloomy, winter weather. Glancing down at my golden toes always brightens my day!

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