Those Sam Edelmans are cute, and I’ve been lusting after Hasbeens boots for years now. I’m a wee bit boot obsessed, fairly constantly, but my latest obsession was findin the perfect black bootie with a slightly higher heel. In case you’re interested I did exhaustive scientific research on the subject (ha!)

Just to whet your appetite a bit!

I bought some Swedish Hasbeens and I am in LOVE. They are so cute, comfortable and I’m always looking for new ways to wear them. Worth the big price tag 🙂

thanks so much for doing this post! i live in chicago and am always trying to figure out what stylish boot options i have to wear oct. – march when the weather is too cold/rainy/snowy/slushy for anything else. love these!!

Aye Chicago! It’s chilly over there I hear. Yup, I think those tretorns are super cute as snow boots. I’m a bit jealous I don’t get to wear them here in SF!

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