One Special Piece, Three Holiday Parties

This time of year is wonderful of course, but our pocketbooks take a hard and direct hit. The next two fashion posts are all about working around a small budget, without sacrificing fun holiday fashion. Holiday parties can be particularly challenging because there are so many different ones- casual, work, fancy, kid, somewhere in between but who can afford a whole new outfit for each party? And, no, sorry- that strapless sequin dress is not going to cut it at the preschool holiday party.

So today we’re focusing on buying one special holiday piece and styling it three ways for three very different parties you might find yourself attending this holiday season. Emily picked these metallic jacquard capris from Forever 21 (only $24.80) for all three parties because they can be styled in so many different ways and feel fresh and festive again and again.
Pairing the metallic capris with a fun animal sweater is perfect for a cozy family Christmas party. Although the capris are pretty formal on their own by adding a cotton blouse underneath and oxford flats, this look will feel right at home.
(Sweaters F21, Blouse Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 pants, and Me Too Oxfords)


Photography by Ashley Thalman, chalk drawings by Melanie Burk (check out her amazing new shop, Caravan with more beautiful chalk drawings), styling by Emily Frame (who also helped me write the post), photography assistant Meagan Cohoon, models Katrina Ricks, Preston Kutney, Ynna PadillaQuinn Peterson (whose mens tie collection is now sold on Need Supply. One of my very favorite shops), and little Creed.


Two more parties…


A lot of times office parties are during the work day or right after, which might make an outfit change challenging. Wear the black blouse and metallic pants with flats during the work day, and then throw on a structured blazer, add a silky loose tie, and trade your flats for platforms and you’re good to go!
(Blouse Nordstrom, Silk tie is a belt from another blouse, H&M blazer) 
Just because you have a holiday cocktail party to attend it doesn’t mean you must wear a Beyonce sequin cocktail dress. Play up the glamour with a swipe of red lipstick, and a sequin top and clutch with the metallic capris. With all those sparkles adding earth tones and textures will balance it all out. The fur vest and wood-detailed platforms do the trick.
(Top Piperlime, Gap fur vest, go jane heels, target earrings, H&M clutch)
A few more fun detail images:


Oh my goodness, I’ve seen these images pinned and posted all over and I just realized that is my adorable nephew Creed! He is so photogenic.

Love the ideas and the photos.

I LOVE this post! The idea is absolutely genius and so well-executed. These style posts are always my favorite.

Can’t believe those pants are from Forever 21! Such a good find. Almost hard to focus on the fashion when those drawings in the background are so adorable!

Oh WOW! What an amazing post, Liz. Just when I think your content can’t get any more stellar you crank it up another notch. Thanks so much for the daily inspiration.

Haha, i followed this exact strategy this holiday season! I allowed myself one new piece of clothing and bought this blazer on sale (30% off on everything right now) and paired it with jeans and flats for our church school party, put it over a basic work dress for our office party, and threw it over a sequined tank for a friend’s cocktail party, with one more party to go! Such a great idea, thanks for sharing! And oh my, Katrina looks fabulous!

Ummmm…hope this isn’t creepy to say, especially because I’m a married woman but DANG that Quinn is hot. hot. hot! And your sister is beautiful. What a stunning couple they make!

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