Look for Less: Printed Pants

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Remember last spring when I spotted printed pants on the summer radar? Well over the weekend I went shopping and they are here to stay! In fact, they’ve multiplied, like little rabbits. So today’s look for less is inspired by floral pants. I LOVE this image. The neutral black from head to toe and longer coat makes floral pants suddenly seem timeless and not so scary. And this look for less can be even cheaper if you’ve been stocking up on your classic pieces (boots, coat). The color block sweater works as a two for one as well, saving another penny! Have you made the printed pant jump yet? I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to hold off….


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Rose Martine

I need to get brave and try a pair of printed pants! (love love love that jacket though. No bravery needed for that beautiful piece)

I have yet to buy floral pants and I’m so mad about it. I’m still waiting for a pair to speak to me. Seriously, they need to hurry up and open their mouth

Love this look! I was trying to figure out how to Fall-ify my floral pants!
Perfect styling!


So I keep on trying these on and keep on putting them right back on the rack. I love them on everyone else but can’t seem to commit to them myself. Although, I am into colored jeans so maybe my gateway drug will eventually lead me to prints!

Such a fan of printed pants. Colored pants are the gateway drug, but printed pants are the real deal!

haha. Yes! I love this comment. With only two pairs of colored pants I think I’m ready to make the leap to the “real deal”.

I just bought these blue printed florals skinnies from F21 last week and have yet to break them out: bit.ly/PPlppb

I don’t know what it is! They are really cute and the floral pattern is on the smaller side and the colors are more subtle than pictured on the website. I think I’m getting flashbacks from middle school which is the last time I wore a pair of floral denim.

I think I’m just going to suck it up and wear them out this weekend. I’m not one to take fashion risks or to wear super trendy items but this is one that I’d definitely like to incorporate.

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