10 Fab Finds Under $40

I’m a total bargain shopper, and I’m always bookmarking good deals at my favorites shops.  I thought I’d start to share my favorites ‘fab finds under $40’ with you every week so you can be in on the secret! Here are my 10 fab finds this week:

1. Rockstar Zip Pocket Pants $34.94 from Old Navy
2. Garden Floral Ruched Top $24.99 from J.Crew
Garden Floral Hipster Bottom $29.99 from J.Crew
3. Lanestripe Tee $34.99 from Madewell
4. Indigo Ink Ombre Tee $29.99 from Madewell
5. Canvas Carryall $39.99 from Gap
6. Pencil Skirt $29.99 from Gap
7. True Love Shrunken Oxford $39.99 from Madewell
8. Dotted Paintset Tank $24.99 from Madewell
9. Nautical Shift Dress $34.99 from Gap
10. Colorblock Boatneck Top $39.99 from J.Crew


Yeah! Love this new series. I’m a big bargain bin diver myself!

Cute finds, love the utility bag and stripey shirts!

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