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I started a cleanse a few days ago and now since I can’t eat much besides kale and gross shakes, all I want to do is shop! I guess if I can’t have one vice, I need the other! Soooo I’ve been spending a lot of times browsing sales from my favorite stores while my stomach rumbles for sweets. I’m loving the 25% off sale items + free shipping deal at Madewell going on right now. Here are some favorites:

1. Skinny Skinny Jeans in Madewell Wash
2. Camden Satchel in Colorblock
3. Colorlane Pullover
4. Sandstorm Fringe Boot
5. Silk Dotty Passenger Skirt
6. Dotted Paintset Tank
7. Silk Pleated Shirtdress
8. Aberdeen Two-Tone Boot
9. Market Popover Shirt

PS Have you ever done a cleanse before? This is my first, it’s rough!


i did the goop cleanse earlier this year. 5 days of torture and 2 lbs lost and caught an insane cold right afterwards. i’m trusting i really did go through a detox even though i didn’t lose nearly as much weight as i’d wanted. it’s a LOT of leg work and now i have things like grapeseed oil in my pantry that i don’t know if i’ll ever use again. hope your cleanse is working out for you!

HI Liz, It’s good to know, I’m heading there after this! You have such a great blog and I enjoyed reading some of your posts. I can’f find GFC or Bloglovin, but will follow anywhere I can find! I just made a similar post but with my drawing ๐Ÿ™‚ xo akiko
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What are the details of the sale? When does it end? Is there a code? Thanks!

Hi , I just would like to have informations about your cleanse
What are your typical meals for a day .
Have you ever done that before : Is it working ?
( excuse my English , I’m French , living in San Diego)
Thanks a lot

It’s a GI cleanse called Opticleanse. I drink shakes and eat green veggies and a little lean protein, a little fruit. It’s not too bad, I’m just a big baby

I’ve been to Madewell twice in the last week and have plans to go back today. it’s a sickness. You scored some goods!

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