Dressed Up Vs. Dressed Down

By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket. Read more about my talented group of contributors right here.

look one by ruche | look two by madewell

For this versus post I want to hear what kind of fall girl you are. Do you like to wear tights and dresses layered with boots and scarfs like look one or are you more of a jeans and flannel girl like in look two? Being raised in Idaho flannel comes second nature to me and what I like even more than wearing a flannel shirt is wearing my husbands flannel shirt so I am siding with look 2. But that’s just me, how do you fall?


Im both… I take turns really… Im in love with sweaters this fall but i cant help loving the tights dress and boots combo as well

There’s no way I could decide between the two! I have a soft spot in my heart for each. I switch between the two.

Hooray. Glad to see I’m not the only one who enjoys both. One of the great things about life is its variety. I like to embrace that in my clothes, whether it’s boots + tights + a vintage dress, or drowning in an oversized plaid short.

Great versus post!

x Elena @ Randomly Happy

Love both looks! I used to be more casual, but lately I’ve been loving the dress-tights-sweater-scarf layered look more and more. Now I just need to find the perfect pair of boots….(not easy!)

I know what you mean about finding the perfect boots. I finally found a great long pair last year at a nine west outlet, and now I am on the hunt for a short pair. It never ends!

both! I love skirts and boots, but corduroys and plaid is fun too. I will take it all!


I am both! Tights, dresses, and boots by day because of a dresses-only work uniform, and jeans and flannel by night when I’m home and casual.

I fall right in the MIDDLE! During the week, I’m look #1…when I have to trek to/from work and my kids’ school. During the weekend, I’m look #2 when I’m tugging kids to/from the soccer field. Ha, I highly doubt I EVER really look like either of these fabulous models, but in my head I sure as heck do….

Great fall post!

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