Crewneck vs. Cardigan

By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

crewneck | cardigan

Crewneck sweaters are a hot topic for this fall. Listed in J.Crew’s fall five, the crewneck is great for layering over blouses and under jackets but its hard to beat a cozy cardigan. I bought a long mustard cardigan from Target recently that I have loved. It’s perfect for a good marshmallow roast or cuddle with my husband. Until I get a new crewneck, I’m going to stick to my cardigan for the fall. Which do you prefer, the crewneck or the cardigan?


Cardigans all the way!. Crewnecks are suffocating! Although, J. Crew knows how to do it right. Next you should do close vs. peep-toe pumps!

I agree – I totally a cardigan lover! however, the crewnecks at j.crew with the peter pan collars are calling my name right now too. they may be my foray into crewneck this fall!

The cardigan is easier to take on and off without messing up your hair and stash in your purse when you get hot.

I am always a fan of the cardigan! You’ll rarely find me in anything else in the fall and winter months. I love the fact that it makes layers, since restaurant and movie theater temperatures are always so unpredictable.

I love cardigans! There definitely my go-to piece for the fall! Love the gray and yellow!

Hey!! I prefer the cardigan. I love them, perfect for fall 🙂

i’m with chelsea, big busted + crewneck = bad idea. as much as i like some of the crewnecks that are out right now i gotta stick to my cardigans!

i totally thought cardigan at first, and then looked down and saw my brand new crewneck sweater that i’m loving, so i guess i love both!

I have a elbow-sleeve crew neck from Gap that hasn’t fit me in seriously 10 years that I will never get rid of because I love it so much. Other than that, I’m a total cardigan girl!

I am such a cardigan girl. I love the look of crewnecks on others, but I am rather large chested, and I think it just draws too much attention to that. Anything with a v-neck is so flattering, it’s hard to beat!

I love them both! I usually use a cardigan as an accent and a crewneck as a focal point, so I guess I like them for different reasons. These are both so cute.

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