Color Crush: Burgundy

By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

It’s no secret that burgundy is a hot color for fall. A year ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead in the color
and now its at the top of my wish list…. I guess they don’t call it a trend for nothing. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from around the web along with some colors that put burgundy in its best light.

pants / socks / sweater / lipstick / loafer / jacket / purse


great timing, I just received a burgundy and white scarf as a gift and thought it would look awesome with some lavender pants that I just bought! And here you have it paired with purple, I must be on the right track.

I’m IN LOVE with that Madewell sweater! I’ve been eyeing it longingly since the first time I saw it. Siiigh. If only it were less expensive. I also love those loafers!

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