Pencil vs. Pleats

By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

pencil skirt | pleated skirt

In case you missed it, we are doing a new fashion series called Versus! We take two similar items and get your opinion on which one YOU would pick and why. For example, the first post was pumps v.s. platforms. Click here to see the post and what people thought!

This week its pencil vs. pleats. Which style of skirt do you prefer? I’ve tried on a couple of pleated skirts lately and none of them screamed “take me home!” the way a pencil skirt does. So I am siding with the pencil. What are your thoughts? Fitted and sophisticated or flowy and fun?


Oh goodness, pleats for sure. I have a young, flat frame, and pencil skirts are just too mature and not my thing. Man, they look great on the right people, though. I happen to think pleats look best on any figure however, big or small! It’s all in how you dress it up, down, and accessorize! If you’ve got curves, ladies, flaunt it! And if you don’t (like me) flaunt it all the same! (Who doesn’t like that girly thing where the skirt billows out and your legs just peak out from underneath? SO CLASSIC!)

like everyone else who commented, i love how pleats look on the rack, but unfortunately at 5’2, pencil skirts are more flattering on me.

Pencil! I’m in the ‘pleats make me look huge’ category. Both are cute but for me it’s pencil all the way.

I love the look of a pencil skirt but it just doesn’t fit my body type so I would say pleats!

I like both, but I have kind of a large butt and hips in proportion to the rest of me, and pleats accentuate that….

I love the look of pencil skirts, but I look better in pleats. So, both? Depending on body type?

Pleats all the way! My butt is too big to squeeze into a pencil skirt.

I love the look of pencil skirts more than pleated skirts but I feel like pleated skirts are easier to wear (they look better on more people).

I agree with you, pencil skirt and maybe a t-shirt to dress it down! Love!! Pleats look pretty, but not for me.

Wow I totally love this look! Pencil skirts have a boring “business” reputation… its nice to know there are other options out there that are more casual and even fun! Great find!

Pleats pleats pleats! They’re just so flirty and flattering on every single body type. Just vary the pleat width for each body and every girl looks good! I love a good pencil too, but they aren’t as forgiving

For me a mix between the two is perfect. Pencil makes me look like a string bean and pleated makes me look kinda frumpy. I find an a-line with a few pleats the most flattering for my body type (tall with not too many curves!). Is that answer allowed?!

Of course that answer is allowed 🙂 Its all about figuring out what works best with your body type. It sounds like this rings true to what Tan said, “Just vary the pleat width for each body and every girl looks good!”

Pleated, I like pencil skirts but they tend to come across more conservative. So I’ll go with pencil if I have an important meeting otherwise I’ll keep it fun and light

Pencil. I personally LOVE the pleat LOOK but because I was blessed with a booty, pleats do not flatter me. i’ve tried. They have a tendency to make me look MORE puffy then I already am. Pencil skirts have a great way of making anyone look slim, I think. Especially a black one. I’m in a market for a new set of pencil skirts 🙂

Same here! I find pencil skirts accentuate my curves, while pleated skirts just make me look huge…

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