Decorating Habits

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Photos of Henry’s room by Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography

What are your decorating habits? Decorating is more of a necessity to me than a hobby, so when we first move into a new place I spend a couple months putting rooms together, selling, re-organizing, buying new art, replacing furniture etc to fit the new space and then once I feel like I’m pretty satisfied with it I just stop. If something really bothers me, I might change it but the changes are very minimal.

I try not to look too much at furniture stores or new couches or things like that because I know I’ll probably find something I like, and yet I’m totally satisfied with what we have now so why torture myself? A couple weeks ago my in laws came to visit and they hadn’t been to our place in almost 2 years and the first thing my mother in law said was, “It looks exactly the same!”. Yup!

When I get the decorating itch, I tend to just move things around in a room rather than buy new items. It makes things feel different and new, which is usually what that itch is about anyway: a little bit of decorating boredom can be cured with a little furniture rearranging. When my sister Katrina moved in with us this summer we moved Jared’s office into the living room to make room for her in the dining room and I was surprised how refreshing it felt to switch things up a bit!

Curious though, what are your decorating habits? Do you decorate all at once like me or do you decorate over time? Do you get sick of the same stuff too?  What do you do to satisfy that itch without buying new things?


Um, where did you get your shoes? Totally unrelated to the post, I know, but I really like them.

Wow, I love Henry’s room! Have you ever featured the rest of your home on this blog or elsewhere? I’d love to see it!

Also, I find your take on decorating really refreshing. I often have to suppress my desire to buy new stuff and change up the look of my house. I think your idea to avoid looking at new couches/bedding/rugs is smart.

With the beginning of every season I crave the process of cleaning everything out a bit and moving it all around. There are few things I love more than walking into a rearranged room.

Love the space! I have the same mini Bertoia chairs for my (older) son. They’re currently hiding out in the garage whilst waiting for my younger one to grow big enough to fit them. 🙁 I have a bad habit of selling things on CL and buying new things (from CL sometimes) to fit a space.

We’ve moved quite a bit and every time we move I can’t wait to decorate…but not in the way that most people would expect or at least based on the comments I get from friends when we are getting ready to move. People always ask if we are selling things when we move. I’m always a bit surprised when I keep getting this question because what I love about moving (and no its not easy with kids) is to figure out how to use what we have in our new space.

I love your little boys room…the banner and the colors of the rug and the furniture, the art. It reminds me of how in our new house I just finished putting our sons room together and just today I hung the baseball banner I had made for his birthday. It was in his southern California beach house room with white walls and now it hangs in his room with black wall in our 112 year old house in New Canaan, CT. So I guess my habit of decorate involves a lot or re-using everything…for comfort.

I love your habit of re-using everything. So much history and meaning! Also, crazy you live in New Cannan. I grew up really close to there and know quite a few people still there!

What a great little room – and the lighting is SO gorgeous in there. You have lovely taste.

I try to change little things up (a pillow or some new art) if I’m getting bored. But decorating isn’t my favorite hobby, so if things are working, I don’t get too bored very often.

i love that sweet little room….everything about it! i can totally relate with your comments on decorating; i have a serious rearranging problem, and i think a lot of it is just b/c we have plenty of stuff so we dont really need any more and i always feel happy and refreshed by just moving things around and maybe a little paint here and there to give a whole new look. lovely post!

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