Styling Tips for Fine Hair

Hi guys! I asked talented stylist Rubi from She Lets Her Hair Down to contribute a post for those of us with fine hair. A lot of times the hair tutorials and styles I see don’t seem to work on my super fine, baby hair. It’s so frustrating! If you’re like me, you might benefit from hearing Rubi’s tips below!

Hi, I’m Rubi from She Lets Her Hair Down. Liz asked me to write a guest today post for those of you with fine hair. I’m a hairstylist, and I do a lot of hair for fashion shows where all the models have to have the same hairstyle no matter what their natural hair texture may be. And guess what? Most models have fine hair. We hairstylists make their hair look thicker with some of the tricks I’ll teach you below.

The most important styling trick for fine hair is to prep it with the right products. One of my favorite products is Elnett Hairspray, which I talk about more right here. It is the only product I used for the hairstyles on this post. My model had fine hair that was a little bit oily and the Elnett gave her volume and richness while getting rid of any oil.

Here’s how I prepped her fine hair for a top knot and crown braid:

1. I sprayed (a lot of) Elnett in sections throughout her hair from roots to ends.
2. I divided her hair into sections and blow dried them with a natural bristle round brush. I made sure not to tug on her hair, but just let her hair slide down the brush’s bristles.
3. Once it was all blow dried, I sprayed more Elnett in her hair from roots to ends and brushed through it all one last time.

This gave her the perfect texture to easily go up into a top knot and a crown braid. This is also a great way to prep your hair for curls or just to have a nice full blow out.

There are more tutorials on my blog on how to do a crown braid and a top knot and good luck thickening up those locks!

{Photos by David McDonald}


I have fine hair and I am SO on this.

On another hair-related note – do you find that your hair is better in some cities than others? I always have great NYC hair even when it is hot and humid yet in the PNW (Vancouver or Seattle), not so great. LA hair is good too. It ain’t the humidity – something IN the water perhaps?

Interesting! My hair used to be really curly and I would notice differences a lot more then in terms of frizz and what not.

I definitely think my hair is better in some cities than others.
It’s the water and the weather. You’re not the only one that’s said LA hair is good. Paris hair is not so good because the water is full of calcium! I have friends who have opted out of washing their hair here because the water is so bad.

I have really thick hair and have always dreamed of having more manageable fine hair. Seriously….my bun is the size of a grapefruit!

Grass is always greener! I think on either side of the spectrum it’s a little rough. I remember being so jealous of girls who had huge thick messy buns even way back in middle school!

Can’t wait to try this trick. I too have terribly thin hair. It’s the worst!

Oh, thank you so much! I’m headed to buy that hairspray right now. I also need to grow my hair out longer too apparently!

I’m a recent convert to braids, but unlike you, my hair is thick & wavy so I don’t have a problem with it staying where it should. That said, it’s incredibly time consuming to get it looking straight & smooth, so I guess that’s the trade-off!

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