Sister Style: July

With two of my sisters in town last week I thought it would be perfect timing to do another sister style post. Katrina is living with us for the summer, and Becca came to visit from Manhattan. There are some highlights from our little road trip up north during the 4th here. I asked talented Kate of JetKat Photography to capture a few photos one evening at the park. It’s been a while so I’ll catch you up on what we’ve been up to as well. Enjoy!

Becca, 22, recently graduated college and is now working in Manhattan as a paralegal in preparation for law school. She recently moved into a cute two bedroom apartment with her friend on the Upper East Side, not too far from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In her free time she likes biking, watching films, reading books, exploring New York’s historical side, and going to summer concerts in Brooklyn. She’s my go-to expert on braids, leather jackets, and historical sites.

{Wearing: Forever21 skirt. Vintage slip. Thrifted oxfords. H&M hat}

Katrina, 20, is living with us for the summer here in San Francisco interning with Rue Magazine and shadowing their new graphic designer, Maia. She’s also been helping me with blog stuff and visits punk bands by night (She plays in one if you remember. Yes she’s that cool). She’s won over Henry’s heart, who recently told her that she was his best friend and that he’d miss her when she died because she’ll probably die before him (adorable-ish?). Katrina is my go-to expert on the newest/coolest music, how to wear jean jackets and the many varieties of tapioca bubble teas.

{Forever 21 skirt- chopped asymmetrically. Thrifted jean jacket. Band tee from a concert. Necklace she made from a bullet. Yeah.}

Me, Liz, 32. I feel so old compared to these young, fashionable ladies! What have I been up to? I’ve really enjoyed becoming re-acquainted with the grown up version of my kid sister, Katrina, and this city she’s been eager to explore. Once this past week I was even out on the public bus past 11pm on a school night! I might need to slow down and wear more sweatpants.

{Wearing: Page pants. Gap shirt. Green Wedge Sandals from Nine West}

That’s not all! More outfits from all of us…




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What a fashionable good lookin’ family!
Isn’t it so amazing having your sisters with you? Mine are in Dallas and London while I’m in Victoria (on an island near Vancouver BC). We don’t get together as often as I’d like, but when we do I never want it to end.

I hope you have an incredible time with your little sisters! Enjoy every single moment.

Love your black pants from Page. Where might one find these? Cheers!

This is a great sister post – you all look so wonderful! I have 3 sisters of my own. I love it!

Wow. What an awesome sister post. I am the oldest of 4 sisters, so I have an extra big soft spot for these kinds of things, but this one is just over the moon awesome. You guys are all so cute and stylish- and I love how similar you all look. Definitely made me smile and think happy sister thoughts. Thank you!

haha! I honestly thought you were the MIDDLE one when I scrolled through the photos first…. Such a lovely post.

I think your style matches mine the best but others are sooo creative!!

love the sister style! where did your sister find those amazing brown clogs? I absolutely need some for my fall wardrobe!

Liz you guys are so cute, stylish and hip together. And seriously, staying out past 11? Dang…

I want Katrina’s chevron necklace so bad. Where did she get it?

You three are darling. You make me miss my little sis who just got married and moved away! We love thriftiness together.

Love this! My two sisters are scattered all over the world (one in London and one in Cambodia) so I’m living vicariously through your post today. I wish I could have them both nearby but I know we’ll all be better people because of our travel and experiences.

How sweet! I love this post. I always wanted a sister but got stuck with a stinky brother (just joking. he’s sweet.)

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