Dare to Wear It: Tube Skirts

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By fashion contributor Ashley of The Daily Bucket

I’m not sure if it is the name, or the actual silhouette that scares me more when I think about the tube skirt. Clingy things aren’t for everyone but if you are feeling daring I think the options of this little piece would surprise you! My husband teases me because I have a habit of getting something new and wearing it out. I can’t help it, I love risky purchases that turn into staple pieces and this tube skirt is no exception. Enjoy a few looks I put together on how to style the tube skirt. Liz is above, and the first two images below feature our favorite model (and Liz’s sister) Katrina!

ps. H&M has tube skirts right now for only $5.95!

More looks…

Would you dare to wear a tube skirt? How would you style it?

Sophisticated image
Night Out image


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Where did you get the head scarf in the beach picture? It works so well with the outfit! I love how you styled both of them!

I think I could get on board with the longer one, very cute!

Well, I’ve never considered them before but you’ve styled them so cute! Great ideas, maybe I’ll have to try it esp if they’re so cheap

I LOVE the long tube skirt look. I can honestly say that I have never put a tube skirt on my body, and though this post ALMOST has me convinced, I am still afraid of the saddlebag factor when it comes to me.

Great looks you put together!

Personally, I love the look. I’m not saying I look GOOD in the skirt but, darn it, I love them!!! I love tube skirts because 90% of the time they are spandex. I mean, common, who ISN’T comfortable in spandex?!

The only problem I personally have with them is the length. Somehow, I keep managing to buy the tube skirts that are a bit short, which on me equals REAL short because of my bootylicious behind. So I personally need to invest in longer tube skirts…

And to address the self conscious issue: I am probably the leader of the pack when it comes to confidence but I will still wear tube skirts. I think there something flattering about them. For the curvy girls, like me, it’s a chance to show off curves without having them cut in half by tight materials and zippers. For the less curvy women it’s a chance to show what you got! I think we need to embrace the spandex tube skirt ladies!

I love your opinion and outlook on the tube skirt! Three cheers for a perfect piece that lets you show off some curves without having to sacrifice comfort.

I agree on all your accounts! I’m pretty short, so the length issue isn’t’ too bad but most of the ones I see in stores are way too short.
And as for the confidence issue, I think it’s flattering as well! Yeah for spandex! Also, if you see in the first image above, my skirt is not really all that tight. In fact, I think I got a size up.

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