Summer Essentials Pt. 1


With each new season I get excited to update my wardrobe a bit to incorporate new trends. It doesn’t get hot here in San Francisco, but I try to wear one summery piece anyway this time of year so I don’t get too depressed about missing out on summer. I have to pair summery pieces with long pants or a sweater of course though and sometimes my toes get a little chilly in sandals. It’s a little silly! We have a rule (Jared’s idea of course!) that with every new item I buy, within our budget of course, I have to sell or give away two other things I’m not wearing. That way things don’t accumulate and my wardrobe gets more and more edited the more I shop! I have a growing list on my desktop of pieces I’d love to get for summer and I’ll be sharing a few with you the next few week. Here’s Part 1! What pieces are you loving this season?

1. Chambray Button Down 2. Panama Hat 3. Thin Tee 4. Floral Dress 5. Fun Plastic Camera 6. Retro One Piece Suit 7. High Rise White Cropped Skinny Jeans 8. Nice Straw Purse 9. Strapy Wedge Sandal 10. Floral Shorts


Love the dress! I live in the East Bay, so our weather is not much warmer. I am living in an open weave sweater that I can pair with shorts, pants, over a bathing suit, or dress. In fact I love it so much I bought a second one in case something happens to the first.

I do the same thing every season, well, without throwing stuff away. I love incorporating new pieces into my (too large already) closet

Love that chambray shirt, great with anything in your wardrobe

I just bought those sandals. They are SO worth it. in fact, I’m thinkign about getting them in another color. I LOVE them!

How funny — I’m wearing a J.Crew chambray shirt today.

I’m really liking the colors this spring/summer. The brights and the tinted pastels are really giving my wardrobe a lift.

I do the same thing — about once a month, I clean out my closet of things I no longer wear. That way, I can see the new things I bought and streamline my wardrobe even more. My goal is for everything in my closet to be my ‘absolute favorite’ pieces.

I love all those items you listed, especially the sandals and the satchel. Those would be perfect for a beach weekend!

I love your idea of having your wardrobe be your ‘absolute favorite’ pieces. it would make dressing in the morning so much easier if I loved evertyhing I owned!

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