6 Tips for Wearing Color this Season

I teamed up with both photographer Ashley Thalman and the graphic designer on my team, Ashley Aikele, to put together some ideas for wearing colors this season. Sometimes it’s easy to just throw on the gray shirt over dark jeans, but colors can be really versatile as well (and a whole lot more fun!). Also a big thanks to my little sister Katrina for modeling in this feature. She’s flying into San Francisco this weekend and staying with us for two whole months for an internship! I’m so excited! Be prepared to see much more of this gorgeous gal around Say Yes.

1. Buying neutral colored shoes because they “go with everything” is safe but BORING. Your shoes make such a statement! Pick something in a bold color and you will be surprised at how many outfits they will go with (and how many compliments you will get).

2. An easy way to create interest is to pick a color and layer your outfit in different shades of that color. Monochromatic dramatic is what I like to call it.

3. I think it is human nature to get “matchy matchy” when pairing color with color. Try to think outside of the box, red with pink, purple with orange, light blue and red-orange (as seen above) etc.

4. Trade in your “blue jeans” for some BLUE (navy, cobalt, sky etc) jeans. It’s an easy low risk option to add color to your wardrobe. Ya know, if neon pink isn’t quite your thing.

5. Pair a bold color with a bold pattern. Because we all know that bold is beautiful.

6. Turn the volume up to any outfit by adding lipstick. There are so many fun shades out there right now to chose from, tangerine and bright pink being some of my favorites.

Are you embracing color this season? Do you embrace any of these tips above?

Photos by Ashley Thalman. Graphics and tips by Ashley Aikele for Say Yes to Hoboken


Need to know where the cat eye glasses are from! I have been searching everywhere for some just like ’em…

I am so loving the colorful jeans this season. I have yet to find a color that donesn’t make me feel HUGE but when I do…I’ll wear the CRAP outta them!


Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the comments. In answer to some of the questions asked, the lipstick is made by Revlon, color “Love That Red” and I did score that silk flower print top at a thrift store in New York but the brand is Rena Rowan. If you have any other questions feel free to post!

I love, love, love the lipstick she’s wearing in the photo of the light blue sweater and red-orange jeans. Any idea what it is??? I struggle with lipstick. I put it on and then think, “Everyone’s staring at my lipstick, aren’t they?!”

love all the color…i just wish i were brave enough to buy colored jeans! i think the only pop of color i’ll be wearing this summer is turquoise…and maybe some neon nails???

Holy gorgeous model, batman!!

Trina is so pretty. I love the bright lipstick on her!!

I just love these outfits and all the bright colors! I’m addicted to color, but haven’t splurged on colored jeans just yet. This makes me very tempted, though…

Oh, they’re so fun. I had a friend recently who was scared of the color not being flattering on her curves. If you’re nervous about the same, go for a darker color like cobalt. I agree that a mint green jean might not be as flattering.

These outfits are great! I like those red-orange pants (and I recently saw a blazer in that color that I keep thinking about), but I’m not sure I could pull them off! I mean, I could, but how comfortable would I be, is the question.

Do you know where your sister got that flower blouse? I really like it and think it would work well for weekend or work (always a smart combination for me these days).

I just bought some kind of high waisted pants like those at H&M and they are SUPER comfy. Go for it! PS Katrina will get on here and answer your question about the shirt, I’m guessing it’s probably thrifted or consignment but I’ll let her speak to it.

Aah, that’s good to know, I look forward to it! I tried to find the blouse myself, but totally failed.

I’ve been overshopping lately, but I may have to check out H&M for those pants. Thanks for the recommendation (and this post — lots of good ideas).

Lovely photos! Your blog is getting prettier by the day. I also love my cobalt jeans. They’re so fun

Loving this, adorable sis! So jealous you’ll be spending the summer together.

Liz, I love this! I am always struggling to figure out how to bring more color into my wardrobe as I mainly stick with blacks and neutrals. These outfits are great and totally jive with what I like to wear. I have to know where that white patterned button down came from. It’s perfect!

Love the chevron necklace!

Great ideas – what I love about your posts is that they are stylish yet realistic. I’m not a model but I wanna look as good as I can (like everyone does, right?).

Lipstick is a conundrum though post kids. For going out – yup. But for day to day – I smooch my girl so much, she’d end up being covered in bright pink!

Absolutely! That’s why this blog is one of my daily reads 🙂

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