Look for Less: White

This post is contributed by Ashley Aikele of The Daily Bucket

I’m not sure if anyone follows the age old “No wearing white before Memorial Day” rule anymore but its a good excuse to take the spotlight off of color and focus on some looks for less in the white department. And while we are on the subject, Kristine from Kristine-or-Polly was discussing who makes your favorite white t-shirt and I want to know YOUR opinion. Is it worth spending more? Or is a forever21 tee going to cut it? Its a staple piece for summer and I’m on the look out so chime in!

Above: J.Crew dress | Zara dress

Madewell pant | H&M pant

J.crew | Madewell | Old Navy


I just bought the Old Navy white shirt posted above and love it. Have only worn it a few times, so no idea how it will look in a few weeks, but I love the fit and texture.

Now… any tips to avoid those yellow armpits?

I really love good old Hanes v-necks. Mens, size small. They’re awesome and dirt cheap so when you get spaghetti on yourself you don’t want to cry.

I’ve also heard good things about Joe Fresh v-necks!

Thanks so much for the mention! I absolutely love this blog, so it is quite an honor 🙂 I recently found one at H&M that I really liked, for only about $7-8!

My favorite white tee is from Uniqlo. Anytime I’m back visiting New York I grab a few from there.

My sister swears by Oxy Clean. It keeps your whites fresh and looking bright. You could also carry around a stain pen for stains on the go.

I have the hardest time finding a white tee! Recently I picked one up from Madewell and love it! White pants though… I’ve yet to buy a pair of those but have always wanted to!

I just got a green tee from Madewell and fell in love with it too! I guess that is probably a pretty good sign that I will love their white one as well.

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