How To: Side Braid

I asked fabulous Alison of The Alison Show to show us a fun hair ‘do for spring and summer. See more of her fabulous tutorials and beauty tips right here.

Hi! I’m Alison from The Alison Show. This side braid is super easy, and you can either leave some bangs in front, or pull them back into the braid. Let’s get started!

Keep reading to see the full tutorial…

1. Make an extreme part.

2. Grab a 1/2″ slice of hair. You can make a neat part, or a messy one like me!

3. Change the position of your hands and pull the section of hair to the other side of your head. This will make braiding much easier.

4. Begin braiding the hair with a “dutch” style braid. This means you pull the strands under each other, rather than over. Start adding hair from the back of your head to the back-most strand.

5. Once away from the head continue braiding the hair “dutch” style.

6. Secure the bottom of your braid with a tiny rubber band, or pull the end of the braid back towards the crown and pin it in place with two bobby pins.  Wow, you look hot!


I love this tutorial! I’m so glad I can use it on my short hair! I’ll try this out tomorrow at the party I’m going to!

I am visiting my sis and did the sock bun on her! (she has fine hair) I sat there with a comb, sock and bands in hand as I followed your tutorial step by step. It looked darling!

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