6 Must-Know Lipstick Tricks

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Bright lipstick has been a hot trend for a few seasons now. Up until a couple years ago I rarely wore lipstick and now I wear it when I’m headed anywhere one step up from the grocery store. I’ve learned a few things along the way, would you like to know my favorite lipstick tricks? I’d love to hear yours as well!

Images by Liz Daly Photography based in the Bay area.

1. No Lipstick Marks on Your Glass: Discreetly lick the rim of your glass before sipping. Seriously, try it! It works!

2. Mix Shades: Instead of buying a new lipstick this season, try layering shades you already have. Above I combined coral and red for a dark pink.

Keep reading to all six tricks, including my favorite tip for repairing a broken lipstick (Ugg. Don’t you hate when that happens?)

3. More Matte: Apply a layer of pressed powder in between coats to make the color more matte and intense.

4. DIY Tinted Lip gloss: Add dabs of your favorite lipstick shade onto your lip and then coat and smooth with a layer of clear gloss. Sometimes I add a bit more lipstick after the gloss is on if I want even more color.

5. Fill with Liner: Use liner on your lips to keep your lipstick color last longer. Fill in your entire lips with a lip liner shade similar to the shade of your lipstick. Add lipstick on top of the liner layer. The liner stays on much longer so you won’t have substitute teacher lips!

6. Repairing a Broken Lipstick: This might be my favorite tip! Instead of throwing away a broken lipstick, barely melt the broken off piece with a lit match. When it has melted a bit (only takes a few seconds), put the broken piece back on top of the base, and swivel it down. Let it harden in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before using.

I’d love to hear your favorite lipstick or beauty tricks- what tips do you swear by?


I have fair skin and my features tend to get washed out if i wear red lips… any color ideas that might work for a fair skin blondie?

I have not tried pink or coral… I did try an orangy pink … that did not go over well. I think I might just venture on over to beauty brands or saphora and try on some different shades of pink and coral. Thanks for the advice

I am really pale and blonde and if I don’t want it crazy bright I use a neutral color over the top of the red to tone it down a little, like MAC viva glam V.

After applying the lipstick, I stick a finger in my mouth, make an O around it (loosely) and pull my finger out. It always grabs the extra lipstick that could potentially get on your teeth.
Works like a charm every time! Just don’t let anyone watch you do it, it looks weird.

1. Line carefully. Fill in.
2. Apply lipstick.
3. Put a single layer tissue over your lips. Tap loose powder on the tissue, where your lips are. Close your lips to blot off any excess.
4. Reapply and do the tissue/powder/blot thing.

I do this when wearing RED lipstick (MAC Russian Red). You will be good to go for a long time if you eat and drink a little carefully. I usually only have to do minor touch-ups after several hours. I’m always amazed when I check my mirror and my lips still look great!

Love these tips! I used the homemade lip gloss one all the time, since college

I just started wearing bold lipstick this winter. My absolute favorite is Nars’ Cruella. The issue I always have it the color “cracking”. I have tried the lip liner solution but I am thinking that your powder trick may work for that issue as well! I’m going to have give it a try now!

I love Nars too. That powder trick for cracking lips sounds like it just might work, let me know if it does and I’ll link to it!

I have NARS Cruella too! My favorite red! I just bought a clear lip primer and clear lip liner from target today that i’m going to try with my lipsticks

I haven’t being here for ages! your blog has become even more beautiful then I remember.
I should come back soon!

Love, Ylenia from Longuette

I’m a darker shade girl too but these are great tips for any shade I think. I love the mixing colors one. Your result is inspiring me to try mixing as well

Cant wait to try the melt & freeze trick!
I learned when i danced competitively to put a tiny swipe of Vaseline over my front few teeth, that way lipstick doesn’t stick to them.
Another unfortunate substitute teacher mishap avoided!

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