The Jean Jacket Comeback

The jean jacket has undoubtedly come back into fashion for spring 2012 (or..has it ever left?). I’m leaning hard towards it, especially mixing it with a buttoned up office look like the image above. However. Here’s one thing that disturbs me a bit about it: I remember purchasing two jean jackets in my lifetime. One in 5th grade (1988. from a thrift store. white. distressed. awesome). And one in 1999. Paired always with huge silver hoop earrings, which I rocked with a Meg Ryan short haircut for the good part of the summer working in Manhattan. Then it was tossed or donated. Who knows. Point is, neither of those jackets lasted all too long in my wardrobe and I’m skeptical with the jean jacket’s return again now. But, what do you think? Are you into the jean jacket trend or are you of the ‘If you wore it when it was first in style, you’re too old to wear it now” mentality? Which would apply two-fold to me!

One more burning question: Would you ever pair denim with denim?

{Images: Gap Jean Jacket,Β  Levi’s Trucker Jacket}

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I got mine in 1999 and it’s never been out of rotation. Funny, I lived in Colorado for many years as a transplant, and never buy into the Western trend otherwise (hats, boots, etc.) but my weathered jean jacket adds a bit of texture that I love. I even wore it last week with dark denim last week. I haven’t worn jean on jean since I rocked the light wash Whitney Houston look in high school, but I think it worked!

Find a nice fitted one in basic blue with no distressing and it’s appropriate for every age. Not a trend. Weird cropped or faded ones are a trend.

I love my jean jacket! I got in back in London when I studied abroad about 10 years ago! I actually wore it this weekend….with pair of dark skinnies. I think you can pull off denim on denim IF they are completly different colors.

The jean jacket never went out of style. J crew offers one every year because it’s a classic. I love my fitted j crew jean jacket that i’ve had for years. And i would never wear it with denim…

For some reason, I just can’t dig the jean jacket. I’ve never found one that fits properly and I don’t like the boxy cut. So, no…but I’m all over the brightly colored skinnies this season! πŸ˜‰

Yes to jean jackets!
I’ve bought one and only had the one for the last 11 years. It stays tucked away in my closet when it’s not in style and I’m always happy to have it when it is! I absolutely LOVE it

I was about a year ago, I saw lots of girls wearing it over a tunic and skinny jeans or leggings. So I got one and it was cute…but my husband made fun of me, so I guess not everyone will think its back in style!! haha

Sometimes I think my husband NOT liking a trend is a sign that’s it truly rockin (like bright lipstick and high waisted jeans). I prefer dressing for girls

I couldn’t agree with this statement more! I value his opinion, but want to feel in style and pretty for *me* first and foremost.

I think a good fitting Jean jacket is a wardrobe staple! I’ve always owned a jean jacket through the years. I don’t think they’re trendy at all. But that’s just me. The sleeveless jean jacket is popping up for spring and summer and I think it’s totally trendy. Still cute though.

I will need to dig through my closet to make sure I still have mine. It used to be a favorite spring/summer item… but I haven’t worn it in a year or two. I loved to wear it with skirts and sundresses.

I bought mine at ROOTS in Park City in about 9th grade. Loved it then and love it now. I’m so happy I’ve kept it!

I totally think the jean jacket is a much a staple as the trench. I invested in a Gap one about 7 years ago and I love it…so classic. And I LOVE a jean jacket with a pencil skirt and heels…instant sass!!

Always in style in some version, wash, color and shape. I think you’re never too old, just have to find an age-appropriate version. They are great with so many different looks. Definitely a classic.

Totally! It’s a classic. I have one I got from JCrew several years ago and wear it all the time.

What’s amazing to me is that the styling of my jean jacket from years ago is still almost exactly the same as now. It didn’t work for the cropped jean jacket that was fashionable a few years ago, but I think it should work now!! πŸ™‚

A jean jacket is a summer staple for me. I wear mine with dresses, shorts, skirts, etc all summer long. I don’t think of it as 80s anymore – I think of it as a classic item in my closet. LOVE.

See, I sorta think they’ve never really gone out of style. I too remember them from elementary school years. But I also remember in high school reading (don’t ask me why I remember this) a feature in Sassy magazine where one of the writers talks about her jean jacket she’s had for 16 years. And of course they were still around in college….I think they’ve always been in.

However, I’ve never owned one. I like them, it’s just never felt very “me.”

How funny you remember something from Sassy magazine! Well I’m encouraged by everyone’s comments about it not going out of style. Off to find one now!

oh, I have a Guess denim jacket from an old boyfriend…and quick math tells me that it’s at least 20 years old. This season, I will wear it the same way I did back then: with a long maxi dress. Maybe something with a floral or…oh, yes…tie-dyed print.

I believe that you’re never too old to wear anything. Maybe you don’t want to wear that tube top at 50 the same way you did at 19, but you can still wear it. And if you do want to wear it the same way…power to ya!


Its a total classic. When I bought one 10 years ago I remembered it having a heyday in the 80’s too so I made sure to buy one I thought would stand the test of time. Sure enough, its back and I think it will come and go again, but don’t most classics? It literally hangs in my closet with a black blazer and a camel blazer, all of which take turns being paired with current styles!

Good to know since I am wearing mine today! Love it with a skirt or white pants (not jeans.)

Hehehe! I so wore those same huge hoop earrings. I also rocked some high waisted jeans and short cropped sweaters back in the day too. Oh 90s…

But there is a look that makes me scream MY EYES! MY EYES! when it comes to jean jacketsβ€”jean on jean. Under no circumstances should anyone over the age of, let’s just say kid, wear jeans with a jeans jacket.

I agree with maxxsilly above and have even had a basic Gap jean jacket for almost 10 years like her as well! I’ve always loved pairing it with a sundress or skirt for a layered casual look. Of course you’ll never see me wearing it with my jeans…no denim suit look for me!

Um, I totally still have mine from 1999! It used to be a really dark denim and it has really faded. I figure it’s a whole new jacket now, right? Haha!

I got a jean jacket last spring to don with sun dresses and shorts on cool mountain nights and I get compliments on it all the time. It’s a tom boy anchor to bright uber feminine outfits I might otherwise shy away from. And I never have to iron or dry clean it! Just wash, go, and throw it in the back seat when I’m done! So yes, I’m a die-hard advocate; but I’m also a little too young for the late 90s trend to have been pertinent to me.

All my winter stuff was in storage for quite a few years sooo I have nice Gap one to pull out!! I wore it yesterday!! Haha.

The jean jacket is one that you can wear again as it rotates back in style – you won’t be looking like “mutton dressed as lamb”. I love that phrase! Says it all, eh?

Now too short skirts or cropped tops – those I will definitely avoid if and when they are back in style again!

I think that the key is to wear it in a newish way – not like you did when you wore it the first time.

I bought a jean jacket about 10 years ago and still have it. Miracelously it still fits! I think they are timeless and like a black blazer can be worn at any age – depends on the cut and fit. I bought a newer one last year in a more fitted style and darker wash – I call it my “dressy” jean jacket.

I wish I had mine from when I was in seventh grade – but I don’t think the Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet” patch on the back would get me many style points today.

I love your idea of it being as classic as a black blazer. It’s making me wish I hadn’t gotten rid of mine last decade!

I am so into it! Is it a bad thing that even though the denim jacket is “back” I’ve had one in my closet all along? I wear that bad boy shamelessly. Don’t judge. πŸ™‚

I am excited about the comeback of the jean jacket because I think it is a classic piece, and because I still have mine circa 1999 from the GAP and am going to bring it back “vintage” style. πŸ˜‰ However, I definitely have the “too old to wear” mentality for some things that have made a comeback that bring me back to my awkward days that I will never want to wear again. Velvet dresses, leotards, flatform shoes, and jumpsuit anything. Never say never, but I don’t think I can go back there again!

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