Current Trend Crush: Faux Fur Vest

(Images from Cashmere and Cupcakes)

One trend I’ve been noticing around, and one I definitely saw at Alt, is the faux fur vest. Hot! I think you’d have to be careful how you styled it, as it could look too Hollywood Playboy rather easily I’m afraid. But. If you tone it down with sophisticated pieces like how it’s done above, I think it could be really chic and lovely. What do you think, could you do it? And if so, how would you style it? I’m picturing myself in a neutral silk blouse, skinny jeans, fun heels, rocking that fur vest.

Here are a few I’ve been eyeing:

1. BB Dakota $63 from Shopbop

2. Juicy Couture $139 from Bloomingdales (above)

3. Graham and Spencer Faux Fur Vest $99 from Bloomingdales

Also! Some fashionable ladies in faux fur vests spotted at Alt Summit: here, here and a trio here


Love the faux fur, but I do think styling is key, and now is a great time to buy one because they are all on sale.

I’ve never really been a fan of faux fur – even just as a bit of fur on a collar. But maybe I just haven’t tried to embrace the faux lately.

I have tried a couple on and they just don’t suit me. I have seen a couple of girls do it as a weekend look- with a plain long sleeve and skinny jeans with boots and it looks great… as long as it’s faux! 🙂

I think they can be so chic on the right girl. I’ve tried on 3 dozen in an effort to find one that will work on my body with no success. I’m apple shaped and adding more bulk on top does me no favors. Knowing your own shape and what works is the key to great style. The ideal fur for me is a little longer, with no collar, in a lower profile pile, and some shape, but haven’t found it yet.

I love a perfectly styled fur vest, but unless I find the right fit, I’ll have to pass on this trend.

Um, no. Could not rock this! Maybe my 16 yr old self could

I personally couldn’t rock the faux fur vest. But my very tomboyish 6 year-old saw a black one at Target before Christmas and desperately wanted it. My mom just gave it to her as a pre-Valentine’s gift and she was over the moon! She wore it over a lego t-shirt and jeans to her school assembly where she was getting an award. She’s a funny little thing!

I really do not like this look. The fur vests need to go away soon from the fashion world, in my opinion.

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