Sponsored Post: What to Wear to Thanksgiving Under $150

I’m working with LOFT on a couple holiday fashion posts on a budget. In case you’re a bit confused (I was),  LOFT branched off a few years ago from Ann Taylor to produce a younger, more current brand of clothes and accessories for women, including petites and maternity

What do you like to wear on Thanksgiving? I like to wear something stylish and flattering since there are usually relatives I haven’t seen in a long time, but still comfy and cozy enough to expand a bit after finishing off that second slice of apple pie (i.e. pants with stretch are a must!). Whether hosting or not, there’s always plenty of work before and after the dinner so I was looking for an outfit that also wouldn’t be too stiff or fancy either.

The budget I had for this look was $150. I was able to check out the sparkly brand new LOFT store in downtown San Francisco and found so many great pieces to choose from for this outfit. Here’s what I got:
Orange cardigan (isn’t that a great color for fall?) $25 (color and price in store)
Soft white polyester blouse  $49.99
Modern Skinny Jeans in petite length, dark wash $59.99
Ombre tube beaded necklace ($14.99 in store price)
Total: $150

I’m loving the bold colored cardigan and the jeans have the perfect amount of stretch to them (not too much that they fall off your butt, but just enough to be comfortable). I’m wearing them typing this right now! Of course I paired my outfit with my DIY Gold Toe Flats.  
How do you dress for Thanksgiving dinner? Is your event usually fancier or is it more casual? 

Disclosure: I was compensated for my review of LOFT products, although the opinions and writing are mine alone


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