Fall Trends: Tea Length Full or Accordion Skirt

A few weeks ago I shared a babble slideshow about 15 trends for women this fall. I’ll be going into detail once a week for the next few weeks about each of the trends: what we {really} think of the trend, tips for making the trend work {for a real woman}, and where to buy it for a deal.

( unknown from image)
What do you think of this skirt length? It’s called tea length, and it’s the new knee length this season. It hits right below the knee and I think it’s really classy. A full or accordion/pleated style, like the hot pink H&M one below, can sometimes exaggerate hips (remember when I went back and forth about my new pleated skirt here?) so it’s best to wear something fitted and tucked in on top to emphasize your waist. Maybe even pair it with a fun belt. Slip on some high heels to elongate your legs. What do you think? Is this a length that would work on you?

The look: J.Crew Two Tone Circle Skirt $250
The deal: H&M Pleated Skirt $12.95

Other great options:
Asos Midi Tailored Flare Skirt $57.50
H&M Flared Graphic Skirt $59.95
Zara Flared Skirt $79.90
J.Crew Jardin Skirt $88

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I am in LOVE with that skirt!! Omgosh I really wish I knew where it came from. 🙁 But this trend makes me very happy because this is the only length in a skirt that I will wear. I am not a short skirt or shorts person at all and have been wearing skirts this length for FOREVER and always felt so out of place in fashion because of it. But knowing it is in style makes my heart happy! 😀

Mikki, wish i knew! that's why i listed it as unknown from pinterest

where is the skirt in the first picture from? the pinterest link doesnt lead to the source 🙁

My sister has a really cute one that she got from American Apparel, and it's really flattering. Here's a picture of her wearing it. I like the tea/midi length as long as it hits just below the knee. I've seen lots that hit at the mid-shin, and I don't find those particularly flattering.

I love the length, but unfortunately heels are a must. I'm 5'5" and without heels, these skirts make me look tiny.

i loooove this trend. need to get me one of these skirts! thanks for the post.

love pleated skirts, completes any outfit..acidwashedyouth.blogspot.com

perfect! 'tea length' so you won't flash your undies when you sit for tea 🙂

Love the pink H&M skirt! Pleating is such a classic and fun look ~jen

I love this trend because when you sit down your skirt is not creeping its way up on you.

I adore this trend too! If you're going to wear a full skirt, you have to love your curves. I always try to emphasize my waist and top (belts and sleeves yes!). Oddly, the saleslady who helped me find my wedding dress recommended one that was strapless and fitted through about 1/3 of the way down my hips before flaring out into full tulle. I think it worked because it also emphasized the waist.

I like tea length b/c I can stay covered up when chasing my daughter. However, I think it makes me look shorter (I'm 5'4''). The first skirt is so light and flowy though I might have to try it. 🙂

shefoundstyle, i think it would totally work on a petite especially if you wear some hot high heels. go for it! I'm pretty short (5'3) and it works on me

I'm on the short side – and hour-glass figured (think Joan from Mad Men). These skirts do not look good on me at all! I love how they look on tall slim women, but they make shorter women look even shorter, and they just don't suit curvy women I don't think.

i haven't liked those skirts much in the past, but the pictures you chose have made me want one now!Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

I love this length. It's classy and oh so pretty!

1. I love this length, I was looking into it for my wedding dress until I settled on a longer dress2. I LOVE the accordion version, unfortunately, as a lady with ample hips, I'm not sure how great it would look ON me. BUT I'm definitely going to H&M to try one on!awesome find!

I love the pleated skirts this fall. I might need to check out H&M on my lunch break today to see if they have that pink skirt. I love it!

I think it could work with some 1910s inspiration xxxx

I am all about these skirts. I found this one from Old Navy alsohttp://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=55402&vid=1&pid=886039&scid=886039022It will have to be my next one.Yanirahttp://manolosmanicuresthismom.blogspot.com/

Love this look! I'm a total sucker for pleats, but accordion pleats…dreamy!

I would love to know if this is a look petite women can pull off – I'm not quite 5' so I'm always a bit conscious about skirt length. Love the look!

i love the pink one! such a pretty pop of color! xoxo jillian:: enter to win a La Quaintrelle gift card!

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