20 Gorgeous Little Black Dresses Under $70

I just bought a new little black dress on my trip to NY a couple weeks ago and find myself wanting an excuse to wear it over and over again. Flattering on every body type and easy to style, the timeless little black dress is a wardrobe staple. Do you have one you love? Please share if you do. I’ve searched the web for the best deals on little black dresses and am sharing 20 favorites under $70 right here.

Plus, I have a slideshow with my favorite 15 stretchy stylish pants for Thanksgiving (you know you need a pair of these!)

And one more thing: Have you checked out Deborah Needleman’s (founding editor of Domino Magazine) new book The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well? It’s a great read and really inspiring. I’m helping promote it on Kirtsy today by putting together a slideshow of images around the topic of one of her chapters, Adding a Bit of Quirk. Check out my slideshow right here.


Wow, those dresses are really, really short. Also, no plus size options.

I actually only have one little black dress, and I got it for $18 at Loft. Most of my dresses are colorful and/or patterned; bright, cheerful colors tend to draw me in, so I don't have all that much black in my closet, beyond basics like shoes, skirts, and pants.

Amy and Nicole, I hear you! I wonder if there's another way to cleanly showcase a series of images without having a slideshow? Any ideas and I'll pass them along to babble!

It's hard to find cute ones Mormon style! (only one fit the bill and it was just ok) I also hate the way babble slideshows load. I also hate babble. Love to read your blog and the others ladies that do babble, Jordan and Sharon etc but wish we didn't have to be sent over there. Dislike.

C'mon, those stretchy pants are super cool, but you know we'll all be needing a muumuu for Thanksgiving dinner:)

I'd love to check out your picks at Babble, but I find that I hate the way the Babble slideshow loads. It reloads the whole page in order to see the different dresses, pants, etc. I just now tried to find a contact email to let them know an interested reader never makes it though a whole slideshow but if you ever wanted to pass the word along. I'm not on dial-up or anything, but I guess I have the patience of a squirrel. Just sayin…

which one did you get? Little black dresses are so classic!

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